Crystal Candles - Made with Healing Crystals

Crystal Candles have a mystical and magical quality that creates an atmosphere of positivity and relaxation. Combining the power of beautiful gemstones with mood-lifting scents, candles with crystals offer a unique and entirely elevated burning experience.

Our candles are handmade in our shop with all natural oils, Soy Wax, and cotton wicks for a long and clean burn.

Best of all, after you’ve burned through your candle, you’ll have real, beautiful stones left behind as a keepsake that you can use forever. Give yourself — or someone special — something truly wonderful with a Crystal Candle today!

Benefits of Crystal Candles

The benefits of using candles with crystals include their ability to cleanse your space and provide a positive and uplifting energy. Healing crystals have been used for centuries to promote healing and balance in the body. When used in healing candles, these crystals can help to amplify the benefits of an aromatherapy candle and release their own unique energies.

In addition, the crystals in the candles can be saved once the candle is done burning! The gemstones make a great keepsake that will last forever, so the candles make a great gift.

Meaningful blends of crystals, gemstones, herbs, flowers, and oils

The intentional crystal mix used in each of our candles is chosen based on the crystal's properties.

For example, rose quartz is known for its ability to promote love and compassion, so it is likely to be used in our Love and Romance Candles.

methyst is known for its ability to promote calmness and relaxation, so it is used in our Stress Relief, Healing Energy, and Peaceful Home candles.

All natural oils and organic herbs and flowers are also used in our candles, which can help to improve your mood or create a sense of relaxation.

New Moon Beginnings Candles: Made with Meaning

Each New Moon Beginnings healing crystal candle is handmade with meaning and intention, making them the perfect choice for those looking to bring positive energy into their lives. The all-natural ingredients used in each candle also ensure a clean burn, unlike many mass produced candles.

Whether you're looking to promote relaxation, peace, or love and compassion, New Moon Beginnings has a crystal candle that is perfect for you, a friend, or a loved one. We truly strive to make the best crystal candles possible with the highest quality ingredients and thoughtful intentions.

How Long do your Candles Burn?

  • Tealight: 4 to 6 hours (per tealight)
  • 7.5 oz: 20 to 30 hours
  • 8 oz: 20 to 30 hours
  • 12 oz: 40 to 60 hours
  • 21 oz: 80 to 100 hours

What ingredients do you use in your candles?

We use 100% Natural Eco-Soy Wax (paraffin-free), 100% Cotton Wicks (lead-free), Essential Oils and Natural Fragrance Oils, Genuine Healing Crystals, Organic Herbs, and Flowers.

Where are your candles made?

All of our candles and other aromatherapy products are handmade and hand-poured in the USA at our facility in Pennsylvania.

What Happens to the Crystals & Herbs when the Candle is Lit?

Please always follow safe candle burning practices.

The crystals are not flammable, and they begin to sink into the wax as soon as it melts. Once you light the wick, the wax begins to melt and the herbs sink into the wax which protects them while still adding to the scent given off by the candle and help set the intention.