Moon Phase Rewards

"Moon Phase" is our Loyalty & Rewards Program. It is one way we show our appreciation for you, our loyal customer. You will earn Points for shopping with us, referring friends, and much more!

Reach a new Moon Phase, and earn more Points!

Redeem your points for discounts that can be used for purchases at

Welcome to Moon Phase!

How it Works

Points can only be Earned & Redeemed on our Website,

Join our Rewards Program

Start earning Points

Redeem for Rewards

How to Earn Points.

Points can only be Earned & Redeemed at our Website,

+50 Points

Create an account.

+25 Points (each)

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook.

+1 Point

For each $1 spent on items.

+200 Points

Refer-a-Friend (they get $10 off $25 order).

+50 Points

Happy Birthday!

+1 Point

Write us a product review.

Reach New Tiers, Earn More Rewards.

New Moon

(Start Here)

+ 50 Points for Joining.

+ 1 Point per Dollar Spent.

+ 1 Point per Review.

+ 50 Points on your Birthday.

+ 25 Points: Like us on Facebook.

+ 25 Points: Follow us on Instagram.

+ 200 Points: Refer-a-Friend.

Crescent Moon

(Reach 500 Pts.)

+ 100 Point Bonus.

+ 1 Point per Dollar Spent.

+ 2 Points per Review.

+ 100 Points on your Birthday.

+ 25 Points: Like us on Facebook.

+ 25 Points: Follow us on Instagram.

+ 200 Points: Refer-a-Friend.

Quarter Moon

(Reach 1,500 Pts.)

+ 200 Point Bonus.

+ 2 Points per Dollar Spent.

+ 3 Points per Review.

+ 150 Points on your Birthday.

+ 25 Points: Like us on Facebook.

+ 25 Points: Follow us on Instagram.

+ 200 Points: Refer-a-Friend.

Full Moon

(Reach 3,000 Pts.)

+ 500 Point Bonus.

+ 2 Points per Dollar Spent.

+ 4 Points per Review.

+ 200 Points on your Birthday.

+ 25 Points: Like us on Facebook.

+ 25 Points: Follow us on Instagram.

+ 200 Points: Refer-a-Friend.

Refer your friends.

After you join our Rewards Program, you will be given a link with a referral code which is specific to your Rewards Account.

Share your Referral Link with your friends & family. They will click on your link, and be given a unique promotion code for our website worth $10 off any order of $25+.

Once your friend places an order using your referral code, you will receive +200 Points which you can redeem for Rewards.

Redeem your points.

Redeeming your Points is Easy. Every 100 Points you Earn can be Redeemed for Rewards in $5 increments.

Log into your Account.

Use the Panel to access your Reward Options.

Redeem for Rewards

Every 100 Points = $5 in Rewards

Program Details

                    • WHO CAN JOIN?
                    • Wholesale customers and Corporate Discount Partners are not Eligible.
                    • All other customers are Eligible.

                    • HOW DO I EARN POINTS?
                    • The Progam is only valid on our website,
                    • We cannot apply points for orders placed or reviews left on other platforms such as Etsy or Amazon.
                    • If you already have an account created on our Website, you are already enrolled in our Rewards Program!
                    • You must be signed up before performing an action in order to earn Points. We cannot retroactively apply Points.
                    • You must be logged into your Account before you place your order if you would like to earn Points.
                    • Points can be earned by Signing Up for the Program, Placing Orders, Leaving Product Reviews, Following us on Facebook & Instagram, Referring Customers, and Reaching New Tiers. Please see this Chart above for details.
                    • Reaching higher tiers allows you to earn bonus Points for reaching the tier and also allows you to earn more Points per certain Actions such as Dollars Spent and Reviews Left.

                    • HOW DO I REDEEM POINTS?
                    • Points can be redeemed by logging into the Loyalty Program Panel.
                    • Points can be redeemed for Rewards in the form of a Dollar Amount (USD) off an Order from
                    • Redeeming points for rewards will provide you with a Coupon Code worth a certain dollar amount (in USD) off of your order.
                    • PLEASE NOTE: Our website only allows for one (1) coupon code to be used per order. Do not redeem your points for rewards until you are ready to use them. If you redeem your points multiple times for smaller increments, you will receive multiple coupon codes but you can only use 1 per order.

                    • CAN MY POINTS EXPIRE?
                    • Yes. Points will expire after 1-year of inactivity. Inactivity means you have not redeemed or earned Points in that timeframe. You will be sent two warning emails which will let you know that your points are about to Expire. The first email will be 30 days from expiration and the second email will be 3 days from Expiration. Once points expire, they cannot be restored.
                    • You can qualify for a tier for the remainder of the calendar year (January 1 to December 31) and the following full calendar year.
                    • We aim to make it easier to maintain your higher tier status over long periods of time by (1) awarding bonuses for reaching each new tier you reach and (2) increasing the # of points you earn per action at higher tiers.

                    • OTHER CONDITIONS & TERMS:
                    • Taking advantage of The Program by any individual or group of individuals will result in the immediate removal of those individuals from The Program.
                    • We reserve the right to discontinue the program at any time and for any reason.
                    • Points are only earned for the cost of items.
                    • Points are not earned for dollars spent on Shipping or Tax.
                    • Points will not be rewarded for the purchase or use of Gift Cards.