Crystal Points & Stone Towers

Crystal Towers and Points are specimens that configure to a single perfect point at the apex of a crystal. This naturally occurs most commonly with Quartz specimens, however, this type of crystal configuration is quite rare to find naturally.

Towers are powerful amplifiers of energy and intentions. Towers are used in crystal therapy and energy healing because they help the practitioner to direct a powerful energy flow to a certain area of the body or chakra. They can also be used for cleansing a space or for better feng shui.

The focused energy of the Crystal Point can help cleanse the energy of space while also balancing and harmonizing the energies within that space as well. Towers also make for effective centerpieces in crystal grids because of their ability to amplify and emit energies up and outward. 



Double Terminated crystals have a single point at each end that have either formed naturally or that has been cut and polished. It is believed that they allow energy to flow in both directions along the body of the crystal.

Some believe that this only applies for naturally double terminated crystals. Some believe that if a specimen has been cut and polished to achieve a double termination, it will only direct its energy in one direction.

While single points (towers) draw energy up through their base and direct it out through its single point, double terminated crystals are able to receive and transmit energy through either of their terminations (points).

Energy and Healing practitioners like to use these types of crystals to help balance energy and chakras. Double terminated crystals are also popularly used in crystals grids, as well as meditation because it is believed that these crystals will help the flow of energy in your aura, ultimately allowing you to be more centered and focused during meditation.