Crystal Wax Melts

Wax melts are a fun and safe way to bring fragrance into your home. They are smoke free, making them a great alternative for both humans and pets with sensitivities. Melts are also highly convenient - with no open flame, they can be used in a variety of areas where candles may not be allowed; dormitories, offices, and apartments are just a few examples. If you have young children or pets, you may feel more at peace of mind with a wax warmer out of reach instead of an open flame. Also, did you know? Soy wax is 100% biodegradable! And the clamshell packaging our melts come in is recyclable as well!

While we suggest various ways of repurposing your old candle jars (insert blog link here), wax melts are a great “no trace left behind” option!

Last of all, wax melts are highly flexible when it comes to fragrance. You can control the amount of scent! Looking for something light? Choose one of our essential oil based options. Looking for something a little stronger? Add a second melt to your warmer and you’ll be able to enjoy double the fragrance. Feeling a bit daring? Mix two scents together!


Start by adding one melt to your wax warmer of choice. If you feel like the scent isn’t strong enough, add a second melt. Wax melts are a great choice to do fragrance your way - you can make the scent as light or as strong as you wish. Be advised - some of our melts are made up with almost 100% essential oil. Wax melts made with essential oils evaporate at a faster pace and may not be as strong as our other melts. 

While we recommend using more than one cube, be mindful of the size of your wax warmer! Let one cube melt first before adding the second to ensure your warmer has the capacity for another cube. 

Wattage matters! A low watt may be the reason why you feel the scent isn’t strong enough; it could be too low to give off a proper scent throw. Too high of a watt may be why you feel the scent doesn’t last long enough; it may be high enough that it’s evaporating the scent faster than normal. The ideal wattage for wax melts is 35w.