Mystery Crystal (Discounted!)

$2.00 - $200.00

This listing is for one (1) Mystery Crystal which we will choose for you from our shop. Each piece will include an Info & ID card. Please read the full description below before purchasing. The crystals have been DISCOUNTED!

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If you love Crystals and a fun surprise, then the Mystery Crystal is for you!


You will receive one (1) crystal from our shop. You could receive any type of crystal in any form, including raw/rough, tumbled, polished, shaped, cluster, point, palm stone, tower, bowl, flame, freeform, worry stone, cabochon, slab, slice, sphere, heart, egg, skull, sculpture, geode, or something else!

Each "Mystery Crystal" comes with an informational card to help you Identify each crystal you receive and learn about its metaphysical properties.

We choose each Mystery Crystal from the wide variety of Crystals we have in our shop. We have options available from $2.00 to $200.00. The item we choose will be discounted an average of 40% compared to its original list price. The discount will typically be between 30% and 50%, but may be higher in some cases.

Items will have imperfections such as inclusions, chips, irregularity in shape, color, pattern, etc. These "flaws" make these items unique, and they still hold the same metaphysical properties! These items are highly discounted!

You may leave a note in the text box with any requests such as intention, color, raw, tumbled, or shaped. We will do our best to choose a crystal you'll love based on your notes , but we do not guarantee that you will receive anything specific.


  • No Stone Sets
  • No Crystal Chips or Gem Bottles
  • No Jewelry (Bracelet, pendant, earrings, ring, etc.)
  • No Crystal Accessories (Ex. Tea Infuser, Keychain, etc.)
  • No Candles or Aromatherapy Items


NOTE: Each Mystery Crystal of the same price will not be the same exact size, mineral, shape, or type of stone. However, the value of items purchased for the same amount will be similar. As an example, two "$5.00" Mystery Crystals might be completely different items. One might be a small polished carnelian heart, and the other could be a large chunk of raw amethyst.


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No Returns on Mystery Crystals. If you are unhappy, please contact us and we will support you.