Crystal Mystery Box

$12.19 - $199.00

We just made some really fun Mystery Boxes on August 30th, 2023! This listing is for one (1) Mystery Box which may include any products from our shop, including healing crystals or stones, crystal jewelry, crystal candles, energy cleansing tools, incense and incense burners, aromatherapy products, and more! We provide Info cards where possible to help you ID the stones you receive and learn more about the metaphysical meaning of each. PLEASE NOTE: Photos are examples; each box will be different!

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Mystery Crystal Box Description:

Do you love crystals and stones? How about a fun surprise? If you're like us, then you can't get enough of them! 

That's why we've created the ultimate mystery crystal box just for you. Everything we pack into your mystery box will help clear negative energy and promote positive vibes.

Who couldn't use a little more of that in their life?

You never know what amazing treasures you'll find inside our mystery boxes, but one thing is for sure... every item will help to enhance your spiritual journey. 

Our boxes may include raw crystals, tumbled stones, clusters, geodes, palm stones, points, towers, crystal jewelry, intention candles, energy tools, incense, incense burners, wooden storage boxes, intention-based bath salts, body and room sprays, bath bombs, and more!

How are items selected for each box?

We build mystery boxes using the wide variety of items in our online crystal shop.

  • The items selected for our crystal mystery boxes may be on sale items.
  • Each "Mystery Crystal" comes with an informational card to help you ID each crystal you receive and learn about its metaphysical properties.
  • Items might also have slight imperfections such as cracks, chips, irregularity in shape, color, or etching errors.
  • These "flaws" make these items unique and extra beautiful, and they still hold the same metaphysical properties!
  • These items are highly discounted!

There is a method to choosing and packing your goodies!

  • First, we build each box based on the value we aim to provide to you for the size that you order. 
  • Second, we focus on the intentions of each item that we put into each box to make sure that the energies complement each other, and benefit you!
  • Third, we try to provide a nice mixture and variety of stones in each box. This includes various minerals (e.g., quartz, jasper) and multiple types (polished vs. rough).

NOTE: Each mystery box of the same size may not have the same number of items, but the value of the items will be similar. As an example, two "Medium" sizes might have completely different items. "Package A" might have 11 items and "Package B" might only have 8 items. However, each of the 8 items in "Package B" will be more valuable on average than the 11 items in "Package A", making the overall value of "Package A" and "Package B" very similar.

What items can I expect in my mystery box?

Here are just a few examples of what might be included in a mystery box of each size offered:

  • MINI: Selenite Stick or slab - Palo Santo stick - a random selection of raw healing crystals or tumbled stones.
  • SMALL: Selenite Wand, Slab, or Tower - Palo Santo stick - Healing Crystal Necklace or Bracelet - Small selection of raw or tumbled crystals.
  • MEDIUM: Selenite Wand, Slab, or Tower - Palo Santo stick - Crystal Cluster or Point/Tower - Healing Necklace or Bracelet - Crystal Earrings - Selection of rough or polished stones.
  • LARGE: Selenite Stick, Slab, or Tower - Palo Santo stick - Crystal Tower or Cluster - Crystal Candle - Pendant or other Jewelry - Selection of stones including raw, rough, tumbled or polished.
  • MEGA: Selenite Wand, Slab, or Tower - Palo Santo stick - Crystal Tower or Cluster - Crystal Candle or other aromatherapy items - Pendant or other Jewelry - Selection of raw and/or tumbled stones.
  • SUPER MEGA: Selenite Wand, Slab, or Tower - Palo Santo stick - Crystal Lamp, Point, Tower, Cluster, palm stone - Crystal Candle or other aromatherapy items - Pendant or other Jewelry - Selection of raw and/or tumbled stones. 

Do you accept special requests for mystery box items? 

  • We do not accept special or custom requests for mystery boxes.
  • We pre-package the boxes ahead of time to cut down on the time it takes to fulfill and ship your orders!
  • It also adds to the "mystery"...Even we don't know exactly what is in each box when we grab it.

Looking for a different type of "mystery"?

Due to the wide variety of products we make and offer in our shop, we have a detailed policy for you to reference about all procedures for Returns, Exchanges and Order Issues. If you have questions after reading this information, please contact us.