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Zebra Calcite Meaning & Properties: The Complete Guide

July 20th, 2022
by New Moon Beginnings

Zebra Calcite, also known as "Phantom Calcite", is an uplifting stone that helps to clear negative energy and create balance within a space.

Not to be confused with Western Australian zebra stone, Zebra Calcite was discovered in Mexico in 2020.

This harmonizing crystal has become famous for its zebra-like stripes and good vibrations.

Discover the Meaning, Properties, and Uses of Zebra Calcite in our Complete Guide.

zebra calcite properties

What is Zebra Calcite?

Zebra Calcite is a combination of calcium carbonate minerals including black calcite, white calcite, and orange calcite. It is formed when sand and other "phantom" minerals fill spaces in the calcium carbonate which creates the wavy "zebra" striations.

Zebra Calcite Meaning

Zebra Calcite is meant to promote Cleansing, Balance, and Positivity. It can help to rid any environment of energy that feels unsettled, chaotic, or heavy. It's names come from its zebra-like stripes which are created by "phantom" minerals.


Metaphysical Properties of Zebra Calcite

Zebra Calcite is a balancing stone that amplifies positive energy and cleanses spaces from negativity and chaos.


Since this crystal is a combination of several different types of Calcite and trace minerals, it carries the energy of each of them to create its own unique healing properties, including:


  • Cleanse spaces of negative energy

  • Cleanse spaces of chaotic energy

  • Amplifies positive energy

  • Opens and recharges all 7 Chakras

  • Removes blockages of the mind and spirit

  • Calms overwhelming thoughts and feelings

Benefits of Zebra Calcite

The benefits of working with Zebra Calcite include:


  • Creates a happier and more positive environment

  • Changes negative thought patterns

  • Helps you let go of worries

  • Remove insecurities

  • Helps you feel more emotionally and spiritually balanced

  • Great for Chakra balancing and opening

Who Should Use Caribbean Calcite?

Zebra calcite is a remarkable crystal that will enrich any collection. It is also a great gift for friends or family members.


It’s especially beneficial for anyone who:


  • Feels like their home life is disorganized and out of control

  • Feels like their work-space is cluttered and chaotic

  • Notices their mind jumping from one thing to another

  • Is focusing on opening their Chakra's

  • Generally want to promote a happier and more balanced space

  • Loves Zebra's...Seriously, what Zebra-lover wouldn't be happier with a Zebra Calcite?!?!

How to Use Zebra Calcite

Here are some of the most popular uses for Phantom Calcite:


  • During meditation. Zebra calcite is a grounding stone that has the power to open and balance all of your chakras.

    Place a loose stone beside you or hold it in your hand while you meditate to experience waves of calmness, grounding, and clarity.

  • During manifestation. Let this transformational stone help you attract peace, harmony, and happiness while you manifest. Use affirmations beginning with the phrase “I deserve”.

  • In your home. Use zebra calcite to create a balanced environment in any room. You can place a loose stone in your kitchen and living room to promote peace and positivity amongst your family

    It is also great in your bathroom to bring extra calmness to your self-care practices.

  • In your workspace. Add a Phantom Calcite to your workspace to help organize feel more organized and in control each day.

Zebra Calcite Associations

Zebra Calcite's associations with the Zodiac Signs, Chakras, Elements and more are as follows:


  • Zodiac: Cancer

  • Chakras: Opens All, Third Eye, Throat

  • Elements: Fire, Wind

  • Other: Phantom Calcite’s balancing energy lies in the middle of masculine and feminine energies.

zebra calcite info card

Caribbean Calcite Zodiac Signs

  • Cancer's have a high emotional intelligence. They are kind and patient, but can often hold onto the past and overthink situations.

    Zebra Calcite will help a Cancer let go of toxic thoughts, eliminate chaos of the mind, and embrace their empathetic side.

Caribbean Calcite Chakras

Zebra calcite has a harmonizing energy that can open and recharge all Chakras. It connects you to the spiritual realm, calms nervous thoughts, and removes energy blockages from the mind and spirit.


  • Root: Located at the base of the spine, the Root Chakra is linked to stability. Zebra calcite’s grounding powers will help you feel more secure and stable.

  • Sacral: Located near the belly button, the Sacral Chakra evokes creativity and passion. The motivating powers of zebra calcite opens and stimulates the Sacral Chakra.

  • Solar Plexus: Located below the rib cage, the Solar Plexus Chakra promotes self-assurance. Zebra calcite helps you feel more confident by removing limiting thoughts from your mind.

  • Heart: Located in the center of the chest, the Heart Chakra is connected to empathy. Zebra calcite increases empathy.

  • Throat: Located at the base of the throat, the Throat Chakra is linked to communication and honesty. Zebra calcite will help you express yourself with clarity and speak your truth.

  • Third-Eye: Located between the eyebrows, the Third-Eye Chakra is linked to intuition. Zebra calcite unblocks this Chakra by promoting self-awareness and connecting you to spirituality.

  • Crown: Located at the top or crown of the head, the Crown Chakra is your connection to the spiritual realm. Zebra calcite will give you a deeper understanding of yourself, of others, and the universe.

Zebra Calcite Element

Zebra calcite is connected to both the Wind and Fire elements.


  • Fire: This powerful element inspires passion and confidence, draws us to the things we love, and provides motivation for us to reach our goals.

  • Wind: This element is connected to the mind and self-expression, and represents our thought processes and communication methods with others.

    Zebra calcite encourages better self-awareness, positive thought patterns, and clear communication.

How to Care for Caribbean Calcite

Calcite is a relatively soft stone and requires some special care. It has a hardness level of 3 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it prone to scratches, cracking, or breaking.


Calcite is sensitive to temperature changes and should be kept in a mild and stable environment. It’s best to keep Caribbean Calcite in a safe indoor space, like a bedside table or bookshelf.


Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause cracks or discoloration, and moisture can also cause damage.

You may want to wrap your calcite in a soft cloth to prevent scratches if you’re storing it with other crystals.

Other Clean & Care Tips

  • To clean, wet a cloth and wring it out. Wipe your phantom calcite lightly to clean it and dry immediately with a soft, dry towel.

  • Avoid leaving it submerged in water for extended periods of time.

  • Avoid salt water, as it can cause fissures in the crystal and erode it quicker than fresh water.

  • Store your Zebra Calcite in a dry area away from direct sunlight. Overexposure to sunlight or UV light can cause the color to fade.

Conclusion & Other FAQs

If you’re seeking a beautiful and unique crystal that will help you stay balanced, then look no further than zebra or phantom calcite.


We hope this guide has provided you with valuable knowledge about this powerful new healing crystal!

Is Zebra Calcite Rare?

Zebra Calcite is not considered a rare stone, although it is currently only known to exist in Mexico. It is currently available for purchase from many shops across the globe.

Are Zebra Calcite and Phantom Calcite different?

Zebra Calcite and Phantom Calcite are the same. They are two different trade names for the same combination of calcium carbonate minerals with small "phantom" traces of other minerals which create its unique zebra-like design.


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