Rose Quartz Polished Chips (Peach) 5mm to 7mm (1 lb. Bag)


Listing is for a single 1 pound bag of Rose Quartz Crystal Chips, size 5mm to 7mm. These are more peach rose quartz.

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Rose Quartz Crystal Chips 5mm to 7mm (1lb bag) Peach Rose Quartz Stone Chips - Rose Quartz Chips - Peach Rose Quartz gemstone chips

The listing is for (1) one pound bag Rose Quartz Crystal Chips, size 5mm to 7mm. These are more peach rose quartz

Intentions: Love, Stress Relief, Heart Healer
Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Taurus, Libra
Elements: Water

Metaphysical Properties of Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is a stone that encourages love. While it aids in fostering romantic love, it is also important for familial love, love between friends, and self love. It is a powerful heart healer. Rose Quartz strengthens your sense of empathy, sensitivity, and can be helpful in acceptance of new beginnings. It is also known for stress relief, and can help to calm negative emotions. Rose Quartz stimulates the Heart Chakra, helping to balance the heart and open you to new love and positive emotions. It is a calming stone, and helps to soothe you emotionally. It can also open you to compassion, and it is especially important to aid in loving and accepting yourself.

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