Kunzite Polished Crystal Chips 5mm to 7mm (1 lb. Bag)


Listing is for a single 1 pound bag of Kunzite Crystal Chips. Chip Size is 5mm to 7mm.

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Kunzite Crystal Chips 5mm to 7mm (1lb bag) Kunzite Stone Chips - Kunzite Chips - Kunzite Gemstone Chips - healing crystals and stones

The listing is for one pound bag (1) Kunzite Crystal Chips (5mm to 7mm)

Metaphysical Properties:

Kunzite is a very loving stone. It helps to connect you with your own emotions and the feelings of others. Kunzite can inspire you to open your heart to new possibilities of love and relationships. It also encourages joy and kindness. Kunzite is a powerful healer of the emotional body.

Kunzite stimulates the Heart Chakra and gently connects you to yourself and others. It opens the heart to receive every kind of love and inspires peaceful communication. Kunzite aids in inspiring confidence and optimism and can reinvigorate a sense of excitement for love and life.

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