Raw Mixed Tourmaline Stone - 8

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PRODUCT DETAILS: This listing is for a single (1) Raw Mixed Tourmaline Stone - 8. This is an individual listing, so you will be purchasing the exact piece in the photos above and described below. Please let us know if you have any questions about the item after reviewing the photos and details!

  • Crystal Mineral(s): Mixed Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline
  • Origin: Ask Us!
  • Size (Approximate): 5" x 3" x 2.25"
  • Item Weight:
  • Shape: Natural
  • Surface: Raw


  • Intentions: Cleansing, Protection, Spirituality
  • Chakra: 7 Chakra
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Elements: Water

Metaphysical Properties of Mixed Tourmaline: Mixed Tourmaline can be a combination of all the different colors of Tourmaline, including Black, Brown, Red, Pink, Green, Blue, and Watermelon. Each stone will contain at least two varieties of Tourmaline. Mixed Tourmaline is a unique combination of the qualities and properties of every type of Tourmaline. Mixed Tourmaline is a powerful mental healer. It enhances energy flow through your mind and body. Mixed Tourmaline attracts inspiration and removes mental blockages. It offers protection in many ways. Mixed Tourmaline helps to connect you to your spirituality and clears your aura.

Metaphysical Properties of Green Tourmaline: Green Tourmaline, also known as Verdelite, encourages a sense of vitality and wholeness. It emanates vibrant energy and promotes compassion, tenderness, and patience. Green Tourmaline assists with self-healing and helps you with visualizations. It is a stone of abundance and prosperity. Green Tourmaline opens the Heart Chakra and is thought to be one of nature’s best heart healers. It harmonizes with the energy of the Earth. Green Tourmaline radiates with rejuvenating energy. It channels nature’s healing powers and attunes you to positive vibrations.

Metaphysical Properties of Pink Tourmaline: Pink Tourmaline carries loving and peaceful vibrations. It helps to connect you to your spirituality by opening your awareness of the thoughts and feelings of others. Pink Tourmaline encourages compassion and gentleness, and can be helpful during times of enlightenment. It is a calming stone that radiates healing energy. Pink Tourmaline activates the Heart Chakra, but also infuses love and spirituality into the Crown Chakra. It helps you to accept devotion and love from others, and stimulates joy and happiness. Some believe it contains feminine energy. It supports emotional healing and gives you the courage to open your heart to others.

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