Pink Tourmaline Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Pink Tourmaline Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Love • Spirituality • Heart Healer

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Pink Tourmaline Meaning

Pink Tourmaline carries loving and peaceful vibrations. It helps to connect you to your spirituality by opening your awareness of the thoughts and feelings of others. 

Pink Tourmaline promotes compassion and gentleness and can help you connect to your soul's purpose during times of enlightenment. It is a calming stone that radiates healing energy.

Pink Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Aids in the repair of leaks and blockages in your aura caused by negative attachments. 

It is a supportive crystal for those going through heartbreak or looking for new love

It helps you to accept devotion and love from others and stimulates joy and happiness. 

It nurtures and balances the feminine energies

It supports emotional healing and gives you the courage to open your heart to others.

Pink Tourmaline Associations

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Pink Tourmaline Zodiac

Pink Tourmaline is known to be the perfect stone for the zodiac of Libra as this calming crystal brings harmony and balance. 

It also helps Libra align with their ideal of true love, encouraging them to seek out connections that bring joy and happiness into their life. 

Pink Tourmaline Chakra

Pink Tourmaline activates the Heart Chakra and one's ability to surrender to Love. It also infuses love and spirituality into the Crown Chakra.

Pink Tourmaline Element

How to Use Pink Tourmaline

In Meditation

Do you need help with self love and confidence? Or are you Looking to connect with your spirituality? Pink tourmaline crystals are the perfect way to do that, they are powerful crystals for spiritual growth. 

They can help resolve emotional blockages and inspire self-love. 

Pink tourmaline can bring joy, peace of mind, and emotional balance into your life. It can also increase self-confidence and connect you further with the energies of love.

Meditating with a tumbled pink tourmaline can bring to light old emotional patterns or blockages and help resolve them, especially ones that are interfering with your spiritual growth. 

It can rekindle your sense of adventure and willingness to take risks in new endeavors and relationships

It also helps to connect you to your spirituality by opening your awareness of the thoughts and feelings of others. 

How to Wear

Wearing a pink tourmaline necklace over your heart is known to soothe your emotions, if you are struggling with emotional responses to stress pink tourmaline can help you find calm and balance. 

Place a piece of Pink Tourmaline on your heart chakra if you wish to achieve emotional healing and let go of negative attachments.

Carry a pink tourmaline tumbled stone with you throughout the day to reduce stress levels and inspire self-love. 

With its calming vibrations, this stone is perfect for anyone looking to have a happier relationship with themselves and those around them.

In the Home

Placing pink tourmaline crystals in your personal space can help you create an environment filled with positive energy that promotes joy and contentment. 

Pink tourmaline is known to reduce stress and create a sense of tranquility in its surroundings, allowing those within its energy field to experience greater harmony and wellbeing. 


To cleanse, Pink Tourmaline is a water-safe crystal as we know from the Mohs hardness scale it has a 7, so you can hold your stone under running water to cleanse. 

You can also use your preferred method of smoke cleansing, soil from the earth, sound cleansing, or placing it underneath a full moon.

Please note that any prolonged exposure to the sun may cause pink tourmaline to fade.

Pink Tourmaline Products

Geology of Pink Tourmaline

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