Mixed 6 pack - Love & Romance Tealight Candles


Our Love and Romance mixed tealight candle pack comes with 6 different scented tealights with a Love and Romance theme. This is a great option if you want to try the scents on a smaller scale candle before deciding if you'd like a larger size. It also makes a great gift for any candle lover!

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This listing is for a single (1) Mixed 6-pack of Love & Romance Tealight Candles. Our mixed packs are a great way to sample several different scents to determine which you like best before committing to a larger-sized candle. Each Tealight is a standard-sized tealight (.75" tall & 1.5" in diameter) that will fit most tealight candle holders. The scent of each tealight will be labeled on the bottom with a small sticker.


  • 100% Natural Eco-Soy Wax
  • 100% Cotton Wicks (Lead-Free)
  • Natural Fragrance & Essential Oils
  • Organic Herbs & Flowers
  • Healing Crystals & Stones
  • Love, Light, and Positivity
  • PLEASE NOTE: Individuals with allergies to any ingredient listed should not use this product.

SCENTS INCLUDE (labeled on the bottom of each tealight): 

  1. Romance - Made to open the heart chakra, intensify love and ignite passion & romance! The scent is a mix of Amber and Lavender which creates a deep and sophisticated scent that is sure to bring out love and romance.

  2. Love Spell - Made to aid in love and ignite passion & romance! The ultimate blend of fruit and floral.

  3. Self Love - Boost your confidence & self-esteem while achieving balance. Helps to support those seeking aid in self-love and healing energy. The Self candle helps you find value in yourself from within you, rather than without so that you are always happy and feeling loved whether in a relationship or single. Sometimes you just need to take a little "me" time and focus on yourself!

  4. Heart Chakra - Heart Chakra (The Anahata) is located in the region of the physical heart (center of chest). It is the center of sympathy, empathy, and love. When the heart chakra is balanced, one feels love and connection to self and others. It's the center of your spirit as well as the center of the chakras. It is associated with love, compassion, safety, trust, adventure, self-compassion, forgiveness, and relationships. I AM Loved, Worthy, Grateful. Scent:  Neroli • Cardamom • Citrus

  5. Love - Love unconditionally and without reservation. Release fear, resentment, and envy. Allow yourself to be open to love, happiness, and connection. With this candle say the affirmation "I am playful and confident, and open to love". Promote love by setting your intention into the candle, manifesting all forms of love, whether that be self-love, romantic love, or unconditional love.  

  6. Mermaid's Kiss - Tap into Divine Feminine Energy, to enhance your ability to draw love into your life, raise your self-esteem, create sensual bliss, and glow with an attractive vitality. Scent: Jasmine • Vanilla • Citrus


  1. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  2. Never use water to extinguish a candle as this is can cause excess heat and steam, which may cause the container glass to explode.
  3. Ensure wicks are upright and trimmed to 7mm (1/4 inch) during use and each time candle is relit.
  4. Never move a burning candle. Ensure the candle is extinguished, the wax is solid and the jar is cold before handling.
  5. Candle containers may become hot. Burn the candle on an appropriate flat heat-resistant surface.
  6. Avoid burning the candle in drafty areas, such as near an open window, air duct, or fan.
  7. Keep candles and flames away from children, pets, and flammable materials.
  8. Do not use the lid to extinguish the candle.
  9. Do not burn the candle all the way down until there is no wax left. Extinguish the flame when there is a small layer of wax remaining at the bottom.

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