lodolite Quartz Crystal Chips Garden Quartz Crystal 5mm to 7mm (1 lb. Bag)


Listing is for a single 1 pound bag of tumbled gemstone garden quartz chips. Chip Size is between 5mm to 8mm.

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Lodolite Quartz crystal chips 5mm to 8mm (1lb bag) Lodolite Garden Quartz Crystal Chips - Lodolite Quartz Stone Chips - Garden Quartz Stones

Listing is for (1) one pound bag of tumbled gemstone garden quartz chips. Sizing is between 5mm to 8mm These are STOCK PHOTOS. Because they are natural stones, will vary in size and characteristics.

Size: 5mm - 8mm

Please note with these being natural stones each one is unique and different, and will vary in shape, color, and size. These stock photos are to show the variations of the stones. Look through all photos to see differences.

Lodalite, or Garden Quartz, Inclusion Quartz has a beautiful vibration and can be very useful with healing. Inclusion Quartz is basically Clear Quartz with inclusions, which can include Hematite, Feldspar, Chlorite and many other minerals that are green, cream, red, orange, and other colors. Looking into one, you get the sense of looking onto a garden landscape.

Garden Quartz, also known as Lodolite, is Clear Quartz with inclusions of other minerals like Feldspar, Hematite, and Chlorite. It has a high healing vibration, and it is helpful for manifestation. Garden Quartz emanates warm and loving energy. It helps to dispel any negative thoughts or emotions that might be bothering you.

Garden Quartz is especially connected to the Crown Chakra. It is a cleansing stone that clears your mind and body to prepare it for new beginnings. Garden Quartz is a stone of transformation. It encourages spiritual growth and opens you to new journeys you may not have imagined.

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