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How to Charge Crystals: A Clear & Simple Guide

August 4th, 2022
by New Moon Beginnings

This is a complete guide to Charging your healing crystals and stones.

If you want to get the most out of your crystals, you’ll enjoy the easy-to-follow steps in our complete guide.

Let’s get started!

bracelets and crystal charging on selenite

What is Crystal Charging?

Crystal charging is the process that powers your crystals and stones with the energy needed to help you achieve your desired outcomes (intentions!).


Consider your cell phone. It is only useful if it has been charged. The same goes for crystals!


Also, please note that crystal cleansing, charging, activating and setting intentions are all different stepsin preparing your crystals for use.


There is a lot of confusing information out there where these different terms are used interchangeably, so we want to be sure to clarify each step for you!

When Should You Charge Crystals?

Here are the different times you should charge your crystals:


  1. After you’ve cleansed your crystal. If you have not cleansed your crystals, please go back and complete this step first.

  2. If you use your crystal daily, then you should charge it around once a week.

  3. You may feel that the stone has become less powerful or that its energy is hard to feel. This is a sign you may need to charge your crystal.

  4. During special times of the year such as summer and winter solstices. We have more information on this below!


If you are all ready to start charging your stone, then let's continue!

How to Charge Crystals

There are many effective ways to charge your crystals.

However, some methods are easier than others, and some are not safe for certain types of stones, so caution is recommended.

Therefore, we’ve organized the methods into three sections so you can easily find the best one for you:

  1. Easy methods that are safe for all crystals

  2. Easy but only safe for some crystals

  3. Advanced methods


Time to dive in!

3 easy ways to charge crystals infographic - selenite, moon, sun

Easy and Safe Charging Methods for all Crystals

Safe Method #1: Selenite

Selenite is known as a powerful cleansing stone, but it also has the ability to charge crystals!

This is my daily go-to method of charging. Every night I put my crystal jewelry on a selenite plate, and I put my small tumbled stones in a selenite bowl.  


To charge with Selenite, place your crystals on a piece of Selenite and allow them to rest there for 6-12 hours.


Note: Selenite can also be used for cleansing your stones. If you choose to both cleanse and charge your crystals in one session, we suggest letting your crystals sit on the selenite for a full 12 hours.

If you don't have a piece of selenite yet, you can find selenite in many shapes and sizes in our shop.

crystal jewelry sitting on selenite plate

Safe Method #2: Moonlight

The moon is known as one of the most powerful sources of energy on earth. To charge your crystals with the Moon, lay them in the moonlight for 6-12 hours.


You can leave your stones outside or on a windowsill. This is a great way to charge many crystals all at once!

If you choose to leave them outside, please do not leave your stone in a high-traffic area such as a front porch. We would hate for your stone to go missing!

Safe Method #3: Sound

Certain sounds can enhance your stone’s energy through vibration. Some items you can use are bells, a tuning fork, and sound bowls.


You should place your crystal(s) on a flat surface.

Then, softly strike the tuning fork against the crystal. Wait for the tuning fork to be completely silent. Then repeat the process for about 5 minutes.


If you are using a bell, you'll just want to ring the bell and allow the sound to completely surround the stone by moving the bell around your crystal. Repeat this process for about 5 minutes.

When using a sound or singing bowl, you'll want to use the mallet to gently strike the bowl or move it gently around the rim of the bowl to create sound waves and vibrations. Repeat this process for about 5 minutes.

Note: Sound is also a method to cleanse your crystals. If you are using sound to both cleanse and charge the same crystals, we recommend cleansing during one session and then charging during a second session.


You only need to take a short break of a few minutes between sessions.

singing bowl

Easy Charging Methods that are not Safe for all Crystals

(Use Caution) Method #1: Sunlight

Sunlight is the powerful energy source which allows all life on earth to flourish. It is no surprise that it can also be an effective way to charge crystals.

To charge with the sun, place your stone in the sunlight for 6-12 hours.


However, some crystals color can fade or even become brittle in the sunlight. Check our list to see if your crystal is safe to be exposed to the sun.

crystal charging in the sun

(Use Caution) Method #2: Salt Bed

Salt is known as one of earths greatest minerals for recharging our minds and bodies (salt bath, anyone?). The purifying and erergizing qualities of salt can also be used to recharge your crystals!

To charge with salt, fill a glass or crystal bowl about halfway with salt. Place the crystal on top of the salt bed for up to 24 hours.


Salt, however, can be harmful for soft or porous stones. Salt should not be used for crystals that are under a 4 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

(Use Caution) Method #3: Bury in Soil

Burying your crystal in soil is another powerful way to charge your crystals. This is especially true of crystals associated to the Earth element.

You can bury your stone outside in the ground or you can bury it in a houseplant. Keep your crystal in the soil for 12-24 hours.


If you bury your crystal outside, be sure to mark the spot! You’d be surprised how often people accidentally lose their stone.


If a stone is susceptible to water damage, you should not use burial as a charging method. The water in soil can be harmful to soft or porous stones.

Advanced Crystal Charging Methods

Advanced Method #1: Copper Pyramid (selenite optional)

Using a copper pyramid is a powerful way to charge your crystals. The shape of the pyramid combined with the energy of copper helps to restore their power.


To use a pyramid for charging, place your crystals underneath the copper pyramid. Leave them there overnight for them to fully recharge.

To add extra power, place a piece of Selenite under the pyramid, and your crystals on top of the selenite. This will amplify the energy for an even more powerful charge.

quartz crystal charging under copper pyramid

Advanced Method #2: Crystal Grids

Creating a crystal grid is a great way to charge multiple crystals at once.

There are many ways to create a grid, and many patterns you can use. We prefer using quartz points to point to the cardinal directions, North, South, East, and West.

After that, place the crystals you would like to charge in a pattern of your choice within and around the quartz.


Leave your crystals in the grid for 12-24 hours.

crystal grid

Advanced Method #3: Quartz Points

Similar to Selenite, Clear Quartz has powerful properties. It can be a great stone to charge your other crystals, it just needs a bit of setting up and you will need at least 3 quartz points.


To charge with quartz points, find a flat place to lay your crystal down. Then, surround your crystal with the quartz points.

Make sure the points are facing towards your crystal you wish to charge. This is important because the energy and vibrations of a crystal flow most directly through its point.


Let your crystal and the quartz points lay together for 6-12 hours.


You can find raw quartz points in our shop if you need them.

quartz crystal grid


Charging is often a step that is overlooked because it is confused with cleansing or deemed unnecessary. However, it is just as important as each of the other steps in preparing a crystal to support you on your healing journey.

With so many different options for charging, you can choose a method that feels most comfortable for you. As you experiment with different methods for different stones, you will develop your own process over time that works best for you based on effectiveness and your schedule.


For me, charging my stones is something I do every day with the crystals I use most often.


For crystals I don't use as often, I will charge them during the full moon each month.


For the crystals I rarely use, I will still charge them at least a few times a year, typically during celestial events such as an eclipse or a solstice.


After cleansing and charging your crystal, it is time to move on to crystal activation!

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