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How to Activate Crystals: The Complete Guide

July 4th, 2022
by New Moon Beginnings

This is a complete guide to activating your healing crystals and stones.

If you want to get the most out of your crystals, you’ll enjoy the easy-to-follow steps in our guide.

Let’s get started!

woman holding clear quartz crystal point

What does it mean to Activate Crystals?

Crystal Activation is an important step that helps you make a personal connection with your crystal. It allows you to get in tune with your crystal's energy so you can get the most out of your new journey together.

A Quick Note Before We Start:

Activating your crystal should only be done after you’ve cleansed and charged your crystal.


This step may seem similar to the other steps in preparing a crystal for use.


However, we can assure you that activation is worth the effort and will improve your connection (and results!) with your crystals.

If you have not cleansed or charged your crystal yet, you should complete these steps first.


If you are all ready to start activation, let's continue!

How to Activate a Crystal

The best way to activate a crystal is to maintain physical contact. This will allow you to form a connection with it's energy. Once you form this bond, you will be able to gain better results when you move on to the next step of setting intentions for the crystal.

Here are the 3 crystal activation methods:

      1. Hold the crystal in your hand.
      2. Meditate with your crystal.
      3. Hold your crystal while you sleep.

Keep in mind: There is no way to "mess it up". Be free of worry and just enjoy this new experience.

Time to dive in!

two hands holding smoky citrine crystal

Method 1: Hold the Crystal in Your Hand

We suggest holding your crystal in your hand and maintaining physical contact as the best way to connect with your stone.


Step #1: Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed so you can clear your mind and just be.


Step #2: Make yourself comfortable. You can sit or lie down if you prefer, but it is not necessary. I like to lie down because it allows me to best relax my body and mind.


Step #3: Let the crystal sit gently in your palm (open or closed), or grasp it between both hands.


Remember, this is all about making a personal connection with your crystal. So, try different ways and see what feels right for you.

woman holding raw chrysocolla crystal

Step #4: As you hold your crystal, take some time to become aware what you are feeling.


Do you recognize anything physical? Maybe you notice a sensation in your hand?


Think about the characteristics of the stone. Can you visualize its color? How does it feel in your hand?


  • Is it Hard or Soft?
  • Is it Warm or Cold?
  • Is it Heavy or Light?
  • Is it Smooth or Rough?


It can also be helpful to think about your emotions and think about your goals in this moment.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don't jump ahead and start setting intentions or asking for anything from your crystal. You really need to take this time to try to communicate with the crystal itself.


You want to try to get in touch with the crystal’s core energy.


If you prefer to express yourself vocally, speaking your thoughts and feelings aloud can be a great way to create an intimate connection with the crystal.


While holding your crystal, speak or whisper your introductions to the crystal and its energies. You can also softly blow on the crystal, in a way breathing life into your bond with the stone.


If you are new to crystals, this all may feel a bit silly at first.


Don’t worry, we've all been there!


It is normal and it may take a few tries to feel comfortable with this new experience.

How Long Does It Take to Activate a Crystal?

The time it takes to bond with your crystal and get in tune with its energy can vary from person to person, and from crystal to crystal.

You may only need a few minutes to feel connected with the crystal's energy. But you also may need up to a several hours.

The amount of time you need may also change as you become more experienced with the process.

Method 2: Meditate with your Crystal

This method is similar to the first, but instead of holding the crystal and focusing on it's energy, your main goal will be to calm your mind through Meditation.


Meditation is a great way to bring peace and calm and connect with energy that is larger than yourself. Add in a crystal, and you’ve created a perfect environment for activation!


We recommend this method only if you are experienced in meditation. If you are not, trying to achieve crystal activation AND a successful meditation session at the same time will likely not work well.


We don't recommend it because we want you to have a positive experience and not be discouraged!

woman meditating with clear quartz in her hand

Step #1: As in Method #1, you will want to find a quiet place where you can be free of your thoughts, worries, and distractions. This is key for Meditation even more than for Crystal Activation.


Step #2: Hold the crystal in your hands as you sit quietly. Focus on your breathing. Clear your mind of everything except for the idea of connecting with your crystal. This is nothing new if you meditate often.


Step #3: Rather than focusing on the specific characteristics of the crystal, just be mindful in the moment and try to be aware of how your experience differs from other meditation sessions.


Final Thoughts: If you enjoy meditation or are interested in trying it, this can be a positive way to activate your crystal while maintaining a physical connection.

Method 3: Hold Your Crystal While You Sleep

Another option is to hold your crystal in your hand while you sleep. This option is great if you tend to overthink things and have trouble quieting your mind.


You want to be sure that you will be able to get a good nights rest in a comfortable environment if you wish to activate your crystal successfully.


While you are resting and falling asleep, you can focus on the physical contact between your body and the crystal, and nothing else. This will help quiet your mind so you can sleep well.


When you wake up, you should feel more connected and comfortable with your crystal.


IMPORTANT NOTE: High vibration crystals such as Moldavite and Kunzite should not be activated using this method.


These are crystals that should only be used by experienced crystal users as they can have adverse affects if used improperly.


Recap: Sleeping with your Crystal is a great option to that will keep you in close contact without any pressure of activating it successfully.

How Do I Know If I Successfully Activated My Stone ?

You will know your crystal is activated when you have connected with its core energies...

But, how do you know if you've connected with your healing stone successfully?

This is something that you, and only you, can feel and know within yourself.

woman sitting peacefully

What Will I Feel if I Bonded with my Crystal?

You will know if you connected with your crystal when you complete the activation process and you feel different about your crystal.


This feeling can be as simple as feeling more comfortable holding your crystal. Maybe you felt silly trying healing crystals before, and now you feel more certain that this is an option that will work for you.


You may feel more at peace. You may feel more positive energies coming from the crystal and/or yourself.


You may feel a deep bond with the crystal on a spiritual level, based on your experiences with it to this point.


This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but any of these feelings show that you have activated your crystal. (Yay!)


You are now ready to set your intentions and benefit from your new crystal!

What if I Don't Feel Connected to my Crystal?

If you’ve tried these techniques and feel like you aren’t connecting with your crystal, please don't worry!


This is common, especially at the beginning. There are other options that you can try.


The most common solution is to keep trying. As with meditation, it is a practice...literally meaning that it takes practice. The benefits far outweigh the efforts!

If You Still Don't Feel a Connection, Try This.

If you feel like it is not working, please do not be discouraged. There are a few other options that may help you make your connection.


And sometimes, it just takes time.


Option #1: Try keeping smaller crystals with you throughout the day. This is a great way to continue having the stones near you and strengthen your bond through experience.


Ideally, you would keep them in touch with your skin. If you are working with a piece of jewelry such as a bracelet or pendant, then this should be easy.


If you are working with a small stone, here are some options for you:

  1. Hold it in your hand throughout the day.

  2. Use it as a "Fidget" object when at your desk or while working.

  3. Keep it in your bra (I do this EVERY day!).

    • Note: This works best with tumbled stones :-).
  4. Keep it in your pocket or purse.

    • Note: Connection is best when in contact with your skin.
glass jars showing the four elements - earth, water, wind, fire

Option #2: You can use one of the four main elements to help you activate your crystals. Each crystal is connected to one of the four main elements. You may also feel especially connected to one or some of these elements.


If your crystal is connected to Fire, you can hold your crystal close to a burning candle or other flame while you go through the activation process.

If you want to use Air to help activate your stone, hold your crystal outside or blow gently on it.


For Earth Element Crystals, hold your stone in your hand with dirt, sand, or even an herb mix to help connect you further to it.


If your crystal is associated with the Water Element, you can hold your stone under running water, like a stream or even a faucet.


PLEASE NOTE: Some crystals can be damaged or even fall apart if they come into contact with water. Be sure to check our list to make sure your crystal is safe in the water!

Don't use these Methods to "Activate" your Crystals.

You may have read crystal activation techniques elsewhere which we did not include in our guide.

That is because we do not believe these methods are legitimate ways to activate your crystals.

Elsewhere, you may have seen the terms "activate", "cleanse", "charge", "program", and others being used interchangably.

However, these terms refer to very different steps which are all equally important in the preparation of your crystal for use.

With that, these are techniques that we would NOT recommend for "activation".

These are all methods of either Cleansing or Charging your crystal (or both), but they are NOT methods of activating your crystal.

#1 - Leave your crystals under the light of the moon.

#2 - Leave your crystals in the sunlight.

#3 - Bury your crystal in the ground.

#4 - Set your crystal on a piece of Selenite or Clear Quartz.


Activating healing crystals is an important step in your journey to working with crystals. It is a way to connect with the core energies of the stone and create a personal bond between you and the crystal.


Remember, there must be a physical connection for activation to work. Please be sure you are holding or touching your stone in some way to correctly activate it.


If you are feeling negative during any part of this experience, please take a break.


You want to be close to your crystals, as open as you would be with a close friend. If there’s anything bumming you out about the experience, there are always different options.


You may just need to be in a different mindset. You may also need to try a different technique.


This should be a positive experience, so don’t stress! Take your time and try different things to find what works best for you.


If you feel a connection to your crystal or stone, it is now time to set your intentions!

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