Where to Place Healing Crystals In The Home

Where to Place Healing Crystals in your Home for the Best Energy

One common way to use healing crystals is by placing them in various places in your home. This is done to enhance the energy of each room to help you achieve a productive, happy, and healthy living environment.

The Best Approach to Placing Crystals in the Home

There are many different known techniques for placing crystals in the home to achieve great energy. However, there really is no “wrong” way to do it. We have provided a list of a few common approaches that you can take. These techniques include creating your own energy map for your home or following another common method which already exists. You can always adjust your approach over time based on your own feelings, knowledge, and goals!

Use Your Intuition to Create Your Own Crystal Map for Your Home

The key to creating a healthy energy in your home is to tap into your own knowledge and intuition. After all, it is your home and as you know, healing crystals can affect each of us differently. Using your own feelings about how specific crystals affect you and knowing what type of energy you wish to create in each room will help you determine the best approach for you to place crystals in your home. Essentially, you can create your own Energy Map!

Use the Ancient Chinese Art of Feng Shui

Many people prefer to use the ancient Chinese art of feng shui to dictate where to place crystals throughout the home. In this art, you use a bagua, or energy map, of your home. The idea is that each area of your home is linked to different aspects of your life, and each area of your life is linked to a specific crystal. Once you have the energy map of your home, you can either place the correlating stones and crystals in their rooms, or you can place the stones on the map itself.

Some suggested bagua crystal and room area pairings are: abundance and goldstone; fame and sunstone; love and rose quartz; family and spirit quartz; health and que sera; children and carnelian; knowledge and blue lace agate; career and citrine. With these pairings, you can align the crystals to the room in your home which aligns best with the intended focus of that area of your home.

Crystals for Any and Every Room in Your Home

Now that we have covered a few of the common approaches to creating the energy map for your home, let’s get more specific and look at the most popular healing stones and crystals to use in your home, and which types of energies they bring. These crystals are universally appealing and can be used in any (or every!) room in your home.


One of the most popular stones to have in your home is amethyst. It is extremely powerful (yet gentle!) and versatile. You can put it in every room to create a soothing, comfortable, and positive environment. Having an amethyst cluster or geode in a room allows the energy to project in all directions. However, any type of amethyst will provide the energy that you seek, regardless of its shape.


Selenite is another stone that works in every room. Its cleansing ability can lighten the energy throughout your house and it is a strong protection stone. Selenite goes well in bedrooms, children's rooms, and on your window sills. Selenite also amplifies the powers of crystals placed on top of it, so if there is a crystal’s energy that you really want to be highlighted, place that crystal with selenite!

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is the ultimate protection stone that can be placed all over the house. It is especially useful when placed by doorways or on windowsills since these are the entry and exit points of your home. It is especially powerful when placed next to Selenite. If there is anywhere else in your home that you feel might have negative energy, then you should place black tourmaline there as well.

Crystals to Place in Specific Rooms of Your Home

Now let’s look at the most popular healing stones and crystals to place in specific rooms or areas of your home, and why they are a good fit for those rooms based on the energies they bring.

Crystals for the Bedroom

The most common desired intentions for the bedroom are sleep and love. Therefore, Rose Quartz is the most popular crystal to place under the bed or under or near a pillow so that you can hold it. While it aids in fostering romantic love, it is also important for familial love, love between friends, and self love.

Celestite is good to put on your nightstand or somewhere else next to your bed since it is an extremely peaceful and soothing stone.

Howlite is also a very soothing stone that can help with sleeplessness and insomnia when placed in your bedroom or under your pillow.

Please Note: Be careful to avoid placing too many crystals in the bedroom, because sometimes the energy can be overwhelming and disturb your sleep. You can consider a Sleep Support stone set which is specifically created to support a peaceful sleep without conflicting or overwhelming energies.

Crystals for the Home Office or Studio

If you have a home office, studio, or any other kind of work environment, there are stones that can help create a productive and creative setting.

Fluorite aids in focus and clarity. It also absorbs negative energy, so it can help to take away any bad vibrations and infuse the room with mind-centering energy.

Carnelian is also a great choice for any room where you might need a boost of creativity. It is a strong stone of positive energy, creativity, confidence, and self-esteem.

Crystals for a Child’s Room

A child’s room is a place where you want to have a peaceful and safe environment. Selenite is a great choice, as it cleanses the energy of the room and absorbs any negative vibrations. Celestite helps to create calming energy. Rose quartz establishes an environment where a child can feel loved, safe, and nurtured.

Crystals for the Kitchen and Dining Room

You can even place crystals in your kitchen or dining room. These areas of the home are popular for family gatherings and may be where you spend most of your time together. Selenite and Amethyst are great choices as universal stones for cleansing and calming energy. Rose quartz is also a good choice for your dining area because it inspires a loving environment.

If you are a chef or cook and you like to get creative, Carnelian is also a good choice because it is known to aid in creativity and can add a spark to your cooking!

Other Considerations for your Home

Whatever crystals you may choose to enhance your living environment, it is important to cleanse the crystals before you place them anywhere and cleanse them often.

You may also wish to do a full house cleansing regularly to clear out negative energies. Learn more about how to cleanse your home.

Lastly, it is important to remember that some crystals that are helpful to one person may not be the best choice for you. You may have to try multiple stones or combinations in a room to find something that vibrates with your home’s energy, your own energy, and also your intended energy.

If you have specific questions, please contact us and we would be happy to help you find the perfect crystal or answer any questions you may have.