Posted by New Moon Beginnings on Sep 06, 2021

How to Program your Healing Crystals

What to Do After Cleansing Your Crystal:

Activating and Programing

Once your crystal has been cleansed, it is important to activate and program your healing crystal in order to maximize the stone’s powers and energies. Charging your crystal bolsters the stone’s energies. Programming your crystal focuses its energy in a specific way, allowing your intentions to manifest through the stone.

Some ways of cleansing can also be used to activate and charge the stone. Selenite’s high vibrations and purifying powers allow it to cleanse and charge a stone at the same time. Place a stone on a selenite plate for 6 hours to allow it to charge and reach its maximum level of power. You can also place your stone under a full moon. This is the time of the month that the moon is at its fullest power. Place a stone outside (or if it is raining on a window sill) during a full moon. Leaving it there for the entire night allows the stone to reach its maximum energetic power.

Once you feel that the crystal is ready to be programmed, hold the crystal in your hands. We suggest making a physical connection with the stone. Take a few moments to attune to the stone. A crystal that is right for you and is in harmony with your energy will bring you a peaceful feeling or feel as if it is buzzing with energy. Picture the highest white light surrounding the crystal in your hands. If you have a god, a guardian, or a spirit guide, now is the time to call upon them.

Visualize your intention for the piece. Be sure to give a specific intention, but do not limit it too much. There are many different reasons you might be using a crystal. Whether it is for healing or for something like prosperity, be sure to clearly imagine what it is that you want. Repeat out loud or in your head what you intend for this crystal to aid you with. I like to speak my intention out loud. Repeat your intention three times, and end by saying “thank you” three times. By saying it three times, you emphasize that what you’re asking for already exists in the universe.

Every time you cleanse your crystal, you will need to reprogram it. How often you choose to charge your crystal is up to you. Some people do it quite often, others wait for the full moon each month. Each crystal is different and you will be able to tell what is necessary for each piece when you tune in to it.