Beryl Mixed Chips 5mm to 7mm (1 lb. Bag)


Listing is for a single 1 pound bag of beryl chips. Size is 5mm to 7mm.

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Multicolor beryl stone chips 5mm to 7mm (1lb bag) Beryl Crystal Chips - Morganite, Aquamarine, Kunzite, Heliodor - beryl stone chips

Listing is for one pound (1 lbs) bag of beryl chips

Size: 5mm to 7mm

Types of beryl: The popular colours are Pink (Morganite), Yellow (Heliodor), Green (Emerald), Colourless (Goshenite), Blue (Aquamarine) and Red (Bixbite)

Beryl teaches you how to do only that which you need to do in that time and place. It is the perfect stone for dealing with a stressful life and giving you the ability to shed unwanted emotional baggage. It helps you receive guidance regarding the next step in you life path. Beryl helps you realize your potential. It is often used as crystal balls. This stone opens and activates the Crown Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.

Beryl enhances courage, relieves stress and calms the mind. With Beryl's ability to filter out distractions and reduce over-stimulation it encourages a positive view of the world. It reduces the need to over analyse things and helps you to not be overcome by anxiety. Beryl reawakens love for your self and your partner.

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