Phosphosiderite Polished Stone Chips 5mm - 8mm (1 lb. Bag)


Listing is for a single 1 pound bag of Phosphosiderite Chips. Chip Size is 5mm to 7mm.

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Phosphosiderite Crystal Chips 5mm to 7mm (1lb bag) Phosphosiderite Stone Chips - Phosphosiderite gemstone chips - Phosphosiderite Crystal

Listing is for one pound bag of Phosphosiderite Chips

Sizes: 5mm to 7mm


Intentions: Angelic Connection, Past Life, Divine Love
Chakra: Crown, Heart
Zodiac: Virgo
Elements: Earth

Metaphysical Properties of Phosphosiderite: Phosphosiderite is an extremely spiritual stone that helps to connect you to higher realms and your potential spirit guides. It is a stone of healing and hope, and aids in raising your personal vibrations. Phosphosiderite brings your life and your mind into balance. It is helpful for self reflection and can aid those who want to explore their past life. Phosphosiderite activates the Crown Chakra and is thought to connect you to higher powers and energies. It can help you to achieve emotional healing and will give you the courage to break away from potentially harmful emotional ties. Phosphosiderite helps you to feel calm and radiates with Divine Love.

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