Tumbled Stones & Crystals - Page 5

Welcome to the our Tumbled Stone Shop! Our collection of tumbled gemstones for sale are hand-selected for their quality. We carry all of the most popular tumbled stones in our store as well as more rare healing crystals and stones. If you cannot find what you are looking for or you have questions, please let us know and we would be happy to help!

Why buy tumbled stones from us?

  • Free shipping on all US Orders over $35.

  • Bulk discounts apply on tumble stones in quantities of 3, 5, and 10+.

  • We source our gemstones from the top suppliers across the globe.

  • Many different types tumbled crystals such as quartz, agate, jasper, calcite, and more!

  • Our gemstones are clearly photographed to show accurate sizes, colors, and quality.

  • Our size ranges are clearly listed to ensure you know what size crystal you're getting.

  • With different sizes and grades, we offer stones at a range of prices that fit any budget.

  • We only sell real stones and crystals and we stand behind their authenticity and quality. If you aren't happy, you can exchange your tumbled stone for another.

What can you use a tumbled stone for?

Tumbled Stones are great for a wide variety of reasons. A few of their many uses include:

  • Carrying with you each day in your pocket, purse, or anywhere you want to avoid rough edges. If you want to maintain contact with the stone, you can also keep it in your bra!
  • Polished stones are also great for keeping at your desk at work or in your home office so you can use them as fidget stones.
  • Wrap a tumbled stone with wire or cord to make a beautiful piece of jewelry such as a pendant.
  • Tumbled stones are the perfect way to add a little something extra to your home décor. Whether you use them as part of a planter display, vase filler, or as part of a center piece, tumbled stones can add a touch of elegance and nature to any room.

How to produce tumbled stones?

Tumbled stones start out just as any other rock - in its natural, raw, and unaltered form. From there, the stones are placed in a rock tumbler where they are gently and slowly ground down through various levels of grit to make them more and more smooth, similar to how you might sand down a piece of wood. This process gives the rocks a smooth surface which is then typically polished to seal it and make it into a tumbled stone.