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Carnelian is bursting with creativity, confidence, and passion. This crystal has bright red and orange colors that radiates positive energy and life force. As a stone of the Sacral Chakra and Fire Element, a Carnelian necklace or crystal will ignite your passion for life, love, and anything else you desire!

Carnelian Necklaces & Jewelry

Our stunning carnelian necklaces and jewelry are made from 100% real carnelian stones which we sourced directly from Madagascar.

A few of our carnelian charms come with black cord chains and others include the pendant only. However, you can add a chain of various lengths up to 36" long to make it a carnelian necklace.

Carnelian jewelry in any form makes a uniquely beautiful addition to any outfit for both men and women and is sure to invite many compliments! They also make the perfect gift for anyone in your life who could use a little extra motivation.

But more than just being pretty to look at, carnelian is known for its powerful energies.

What does a Carnelian necklace do?

A carnelian necklace or pendant will light a flame within you to achieve your goals, whether that be love, work, or another pursuit in your life. Wearing a carnelian crystal pendant against your skin is a great way to keep your positive vibes high and power you to achieve your life goals with confidence and creativity.

Carnelian Bracelets

We also offer carnelian bracelets which can be worn for the same purpose and intention as a necklace. Try wearing a carnelian bracelet on your left wrist to bring more love, creativity and confidence within yourself, or on your right wrist to exude those same qualities.

 Carnelian Stones, Crystals, and Accessories

Our carnelian collection includes loose crystals, polished stones, and sculptures in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Carnelian Crystals

Loose stones are often preferred by those who plan to do energy work with their carnelian. This could include crystal gridding, meditation, or manifestation.

Raw carnelian stones are the purest form of carnelian, while tumbled stones are great for carrying in your pocket, purse or even your bra! Tumbled stones also make great "fidget" stones for your work desk or home office as carnelian is known to help enhance creativity.

A jewelry maker may also find these loose stones desirable to do their own drilling or wire wrapping to make crystal necklaces or accessories.

Carnelian Sculptures & Accessories

We also have crystal hearts, bowls, and other shaped carnelian for sale.

Towers, free-forms, bowls, and flames make great décor while enhancing the energy of your space. A carnelian skull makes an excellent gift for that impossible-to-buy-for man in your life!

Carnelian Characteristics

Real carnelian can range in color from from a very light yellow, to red, to orange. Carnelian agate can even be very dark gray to black to white. Carnelian is translucent, so the colors can appear differently for the same piece depending on the lighting.

The texture can be smooth or rough, depending on the stone and whether or not it was polished or cut. Some of the nicest and most unique pieces even have drusy!