Advent Calendar

$74.99 - $149.99

If you love New Moon Beginnings crystals, candles, and aromatherapy items, you'll love our Advent Calendars! Count down each day to reveal gifts that bring positivity and light to your holiday season. Whether you choose the 12-Day or 24-Day Advent Calendar, each day will be a delightful surprise!

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What's Inside? Our Advent Calendar includes an enchanting mixture of different items from our shop, including but not limited to:

**The 12-Day and 24-Day contain different items**

- Crystals in different shapes and sizes. Each Crystal comes with an informational card to help you ID each crystal you receive and learn about its properties.
- Jewelry
- Candles
- Aromatherapy Items
- Crystal Accessories
- Metaphysical Items & Tools

How to Use the 12-Day and 24-Day Advent Calendars?

 > 12-Day Advent Calendar: Choose the option that suits your holiday spirit! You can begin on December 13th and for the next 12 days, open a door to reveal a surprise that will fill your heart with magic. Alternatively, celebrate the traditional "12 Days of Christmas" by starting on December 25th and unwrapping joy until January 5th. For a mystical twist, embrace the "12 Days of Yule" by starting on the Winter Solstice and concluding on New Year's Eve.

 > 24-Day Advent Calendar: begin on December 1st, and every day until Christmas Eve, unveil a unique treasure that embodies the spirit of the season.


Our Advent Calendars are a limited offering, crafted with care and a touch of holiday magic. We've prepared a set number of these special advent boxes.

**The 12-Day and 24-Day contain different items**

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept special or custom requests for advent boxes.

Why Choose an Advent Calendar?

An Advent Calendar is more than just a countdown calendar; it's a daily surprise and celebration of the season's magic. Our Crystal Advent Calendar takes this tradition to a new level by infusing it with healing crystals, exquisite candles, soothing aromatherapy, and other metaphysical treasures from our shop.