Calligraphy Jasper Point

$12.59 - $29.99

PRODUCT DETAILS: This listing is for a single (1) Calligraphy Jasper Point. Please note that these are stock photos of a few of the pieces that we have available. These are natural Crystals & Gemstones, so each stone will be unique and have variations in natural characteristics such as Size, Shape, Inclusions, and Color.

  • Crystal Mineral(s): Calligraphy Jasper
  • Origin: India
  • Size (Approximate):
  • Shape: Point
  • Surface: Polished


  • Intentions: Grounding, Creativity, Positivity, Manifestation
  • Chakra: All
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Elements: Earth

Calligraphy Stone is also known as Calligraphy Jasper, Miriam Stone, or Elephant Skin Jasper. This stone is found in the Himalayan mountains in India and is comprised of a hematite and iron shell fossil. It has a unique, almost hieroglyphic pattern that can be used to spark creativity and boost your imagination. Calligraphy Stone is a powerful healing crystal that has been known to aid in meditation, and automatic writing, and increase psychic abilities. It can be used to reduce stress and anxiety by improving your focus, as well as giving you the strength to face difficult situations. Calligraphy Stone is a powerful protection stone, shielding its wearer from negative energies and influences. Calligraphy Stone’s powerful vibrations at the third eye chakra and the sacral chakra make it an excellent stone for enhancing intuition and creativity. As an Earth Element stone, it carries the vibration of grounding and connectedness to Nature & the Earth. It helps with communication between physical and spiritual realms, as well as connecting to one's higher self.

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