Aries Raw Crystal Set (zodiac)

$12.99 - $27.99
Passionate Motivated Confident

This listing is for one (1) Raw Aries Crystal Set (Mar. 21 - Apr. 19). The set includes Red Jasper, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Citrine, Clear Quartz. Our Aries Crystal Set is perfect for the fiery Aries who want to ignite their passion and strength. It is designed to support personal growth and amplify the qualities of the Aries sign. The Crystal Set is also made with crystals and stones such as red jasper, bloodstone, carnelian, citrine, and clear quartz. strength. Grab life by the horns and take charge!

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PRODUCT DETAILS: This listing is for a single (1) Aries Crystal Set (raw). Please note that these are stock photos of a few of the healing crystal sets that we have available. These sets have natural Crystals & Gemstones, so each stone and set will be unique and have variations in natural characteristics such as Size, Shape, Inclusions, and Color.

  • Crystals & Stones: Red Jasper, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Citrine, Clear Quartz
  • Type: Rough Set
  • # of Crystals & Stones: 5 pieces
  • Crystal Size (Approximate): 1"
  • Optional Selenite Bowl: 4" Diameter
  • Surface: Raw


  • Intentions: Passionate, Motivated, Confident
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Elements: Fire

Red Jasper is a strong stone that inspires stability and personal power. It can aid in heightening your endurance and stamina. Red Jasper is also a very protective stone and can ease emotional stress. It is brimming with vitality and can aid in creativity. Red Jasper is a great crystal to help Aries think before they act. It's good for controlling an Aries' impulsive thoughts and behaviors that can have a tendency to drive an Aries. Red Jasper can provide Aries with the motivation and energy they need then they feel like their tank is running low. Known to inspire determination and hard work in an Aries, it also is known to help them relate to others on a more personal level. Even though it's a great crystal for grounding and protection, Red Jasper has been known to be over-stimulating for some Aries, so pairing with other crystals to tone down its energy could be needed.

Bloodstone could be considered one of the ultimate crystals for Aries. Not only is Bloodstone protective and grounding, but it also boosts an Aries' courage and physical strength. Bloodstone can help increase an Aries mental clarity so that they are able to make better decisions. It attracts abundance, prosperity, and well-being, as well as stabilizing Aries energy levels to help them overcome emotional issues that may be holding them back. Bloodstone is a great crystal to fuel all of Aries positive characteristics to help them achieve success within new ventures and possibilities.

Citrine is a gemstone of light, happiness and abundance. It is the most powerful gemstone for manifestation and can help you achieve your goals and bring your intentions to life. It helps to bring and maintain prosperity. It helps to remove negative energies and brings positive energy. Citrine will help Aries attract success and prosperity into their lives. This crystal will help to strengthen an Aries intellect while providing them with the creative energy that is necessary for an Aries to thrive. Citrine promotes manifestation energy which is perfect for an Aries since they are all about new beginnings. This crystal can help an Aries to accept criticism where needed to make positive changes based on the criticism they receive. Citrine can also stimulate an Aries memory.

Clear Quartz is the most versatile and universal crystal. It is a master healer and can help with almost any emotional or spiritual issue. Clear Quartz helps to cleanse and clear your mind and any negative energy or emotion you might be experiencing. It can be used to help amplify the energy of other stones, & is easily programmable. Clear Quartz encourages empathy in an Aries while they pursue their bold ambitions. In turn, Clear Quartz helps an Aries to be more considerate and appreciative of others, especially those who are helping them in their new pursuits. Clear Quartz brings calming energies to an Aries and helps put their ambitious projects and passion into perspective. This crystal also enhances and amplifies the other energies of crystals paired with it, as well as increasing energy and productivity within an Aries.

Carnelian brings immense passion and courage to Aries, inspiring motivation and hard work. It will also help an Aries to tap into their creative energy. An Aries should use Carnelian when they feel like they might be losing their fiery spark. it's best to pair a piece of Carnelian with Clear Quartz to help balance the energy of this crystal.


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