White Howlite Meaning, Properties, and Uses

White Howlite Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Calming • Sleep Support • Meditation

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White Howlite Meaning

White Howlite is an extremely calming stone, that helps to soothe an overactive mind, and clears away negative thoughts

White Howlite helps to facilitate spiritual attunement, opening your mind to higher wisdom, intuition, and spiritual insights. 

It stills the mind and is helpful for meditation. It helps to bring awareness and encourages emotional expression. White Howlite strengthens memory and encourages a desire for knowledge.

It's comforting energy helps to alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety, promoting relaxation and a sense of tranquility. In addition, it helps to sooth your mind and promoting deep, restful sleep with peaceful dreams.

• Connects to your Crown Chakra and opens your mind to soothing and peaceful dreams.

• It fosters patience with others and with yourself, and helps to cool anger.

• Facilitates a connection with your higher consciousness and awareness, preparing your mind for wisdom, and connecting you to your spirituality.

• Helps to stabilize your emotions, reducing frustration, tension, stress, and anger, while boosting patience.

• Helps to overcome a tendency to criticalness and selfishness, strengthening your positive character traits

• Aids in past life recall, and offers deep insight into those memories.

• Formulates ambitions and motivations, both spiritual and material, and aids in achieving them

White Howlite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Calming and Soothing: White Howlite is known for its calming and soothing energy, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension.

Emotional Healing: It can assist in healing emotional wounds, promoting emotional balance, and providing support during times of grief or loss.

Communication: White Howlite encourages patience, allowing for thoughtful and calm communication. It can aid in resolving conflicts and promoting harmonious relationships.

Memory Enhancement: It is believed to enhance memory and learning, making it a useful stone for students and those seeking to improve their mental abilities.

Spiritual Attunement: White Howlite can facilitate spiritual attunement, opening the mind to higher wisdom, intuition, and spiritual insights.

Spiritual Properties:
Connection to higher realms: White Howlite can assist in connecting with higher realms and spiritual guides, promoting spiritual growth and exploration.

Awareness and Enlightenment: It aids in increasing self-awareness and promoting a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around.

Dream Recall and Interpretation: White Howlite is associated with enhancing dream recall and facilitating the interpretation of dreams, allowing for insights and messages from the subconscious realm.

Stress relief and Relaxation: White Howlite's soothing energy helps to alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety, promoting relaxation and a sense of calm.

Sleep Aid: It can support restful sleep by calming an overactive mind and reducing insomnia or restless thoughts.

Balance and Harmony: It promotes overall balance and harmony within the body, mind, and spirit, fostering a sense of well-being.

Energetic Purification: White Howlite can cleanse and purify the energy field, removing negative or stagnant energies.

White Howlite Associations

White Howlite Properties Card

White Howlite Zodiac

White Howlite allows a Gemini to be true to themselves. It helps them remove the mask they present to their world out of security and comfort to assist them to be true to their inner knowing. 

White Howlite is an incredible crystal for bringing peace and calm. It's fantastic for calming a Gemini’s over active mind and it even helps them with memory retention. 

White Howlite can help relieve anger and irritability in Gemini’s by absorbing those negative energies. It’s also a great crystal to help in achieving spiritual goals. 

White Howlite Chakra

White Howlite is primarily associated with the Crown Chakra, which is located at the top of the head. The Crown Chakra is associated with higher consciousness, spiritual connection, and enlightenment. White Howlite's energy resonates with the Crown Chakra, promoting spiritual attunement, enhancing intuition, and facilitating a deeper connection with higher realms.

Additionally, White Howlite is also associated with the Third Eye Chakra, which is located between the eyebrows. The Third Eye Chakra is associated with intuition, perception, and inner wisdom. White Howlite can stimulate the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing psychic abilities, dream recall, and spiritual insight.

By working with White Howlite, one can help balance and align the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, promoting spiritual growth, expanded consciousness, and a deeper connection to one's higher self and spiritual guidance.

White Howlite Element

How to Use White Howlite

In Meditation

​​White Howlite is a wonderful companion for meditation practice. Its soothing vibrations can help quiet the mind, creating a peaceful and focused state

Hold a White Howlite palm stone in your hand or place it near you during meditation.

Its energy encourages spiritual attunement, deepens intuition, and enhances your connection with higher realms.

Allow the stone's energy to guide you on a transformative inner journey.

How to Wear

Howlite has been used for thousands of years by cultures in North America. It has a long history of being used for pendants and beads, as well as other decorative items. Wearing White Howlite jewelry today can promote a healthy balance between the mind and body. Not only will you notice its calming effects, but you’ll also be connecting yourself to the past in a meaningful way

Wearing a White Howlite pendant, it rests close to the heart, which offers emotional healing, balance, and a sense of peace. Its energy can assist in releasing negative emotions and promoting harmony within relationships

Wearing White Howlite earrings is a great way to balance and align the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, promoting spiritual growth, expanded consciousness, and a deeper connection to one's higher self and spiritual guidance. Keeping White Howlite near your Third Eye chakra will also help you keep a calm head and clarity of mind

Wear a White Howlite bracelet or ring to bed with you to attract deep and restful sleep. White Howlite can also be helpful with dreamwork, so if you’re looking to do some dream exploration, having a White Howlite bracelet on can help you open up to the experience. 

We recommend wearing your bracelet or ring on your dominant hand. This is known as the receiving hand and wearing White Howlite on this side will help attract its positive and peaceful energy. 

Carrying a small tumbled piece of White Howlite with you throughout your day can help attract calming energy and reduce stress, providing a sense of tranquility. You can use it when you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by connecting the stone with your intention to create inner peace. Keep your tumbled howlite in your pocket, handbag, or car to ease your mind.   

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In the Home

Place a piece of White Howlite in your home, office, or spaces where you seek a sense of peace, clarity, and harmony. Its energy purifies the environment, promoting a calm and serene atmosphere. Its presence encourages clear communication, promotes harmonious relationships, and enhances the flow of positive energy.

Because of its connection to sleep and relaxation, White Howlite is a great stone to place in your bedroom. Place a polished point on your nightstand to attract deep sleep. Or, place a small tumbled piece underneath your pillow to resonate with your Crown chakra and inspire productive dreams. 


To maintain the optimal energy of your White Howlite, regular cleansing is recommended. Due to its porous nature, we do not recommend water cleansing as it could ruin your stone. 

Instead, we suggest cleansing your White Howlite by the smoke cleansing method you can use your choice of herb but we recommend sage or Palo Santo

You can also use any other preferred method, placing it on a selenite charging plate, or exposing it to moonlight. Intentionally clear any negative energy while visualizing the stone being restored to its pure and vibrant state.

White Howlite Products

Geology of White Howlite

Howlite, calcium borosilicate hydroxide is a Borate mineral that is typically found in sedimentary rock formations. Howlite has a naturally white color, that can sometimes exhibit gray, brown, or black veining, which are the result of inclusions or impurities present in the host rock during its formation. These variations in color and pattern give Howlite its distinctive and visually appealing appearance.

Howlite forms as a result of hydrothermal activity and metasomatism, where hot mineral-rich fluids circulate through the Earth's crust and deposit minerals in existing rock cavities and fractures. The fluids carry dissolved minerals, including calcium, boron, and silicon, which precipitate and crystallize over time. Over millions of years, the mineral-rich fluids permeate through the surrounding rock, depositing layers of minerals that gradually form Howlite. 

It is often associated with other minerals, such as gypsum and calcite. Typically found on sedimentary rocks, Howlite requires extraction from its host rock during mining. However, remnants of the host rock often remain within the Howlite, resulting in the distinctive presence of black or gray veins mentioned earlier.

Howlite was first discovered in 1868 by Henry How. Originally, it was found in a Gypsum mine and was discarded. 

It became popular because it is easily dyed to look like other stones, like Coral or Turquoise. Dyeing Howlite is a cheaper alternative to these stones and it is sometimes easy to be fooled if you don’t look hard enough. The most expensive Howlite on the market is dyed Howlite masquerading as Turquoise. When Howlite is not dyed, the most desirable stones are the ones that are almost pure white. Though the black and gray veins certainly add character to Howlite, it's the specimens with fewer veins that fetch a higher price.

This remarkable stone commonly develops in nodular masses, often resembling a cauliflower head. While White Howlite usually takes a nodular form, it has been known to crystallize on rare occasions. When it does, these specimens are considered to be more valuable than the nodular variety that is more commonly found.

Howlite grades at a 3.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it relatively delicate stone and prone to crumbling. Although it is generally opaque, this mineral can occasionally have a translucent quality. Its surfaces often present a chalky finish that's unmistakable to the touch.

Howlite was first discovered in Nova Scotia, but it can be found all over Canada and in Mexico, Russia, Germany, and in the United States. In some places, it is easy to collect your own Howlite. For example, in Southern California, you can find Howlite discarded outside of an old Borax mine.

Howlite is often mistaken for Magnesite because they look very similar, however they are actually completely different stones scientifically. Howlite is a calcium borosilicate, while Magnesite is a magnesium carbonite. Both minerals have a hardness rating of 3.5 on the Mohs scale, yet Magnesite is slightly heavier. Much of the “Howlite” on the market is actually Magnesite from Zimbabwe.

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