Tiger's Eye Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Tiger's Eye Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Courage • Strength • Personal Power

Tiger's Eye Palm Stones
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Tiger's Eye Raw Stones

Tiger's Eye Meaning,

Metaphysical Properties, & Benefits

Tigers Eye is a stone of vitality and strength. It provides protection and enhances integrity. It is thought to inspire prosperity and abundance. Tigers Eye gives you the power to see positive light in any situation, and energize your body and mind. It can also inspire mental clarity, and helps you to see past the ego and achieve a path of truth.

Tiger's Eye Associations

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Tiger's Eye Zodiac

For Gemini’s, Tiger’s Eye can greatly benefit them in balancing extremes. Whether that’s extreme emotions, thoughts, or a situation, Tiger’s Eye will assist a Gemini in balancing themselves. It’s very grounding, while simultaneously energizing and inspiring a Gemini. This is greatly beneficial as Geminis oftentimes need some extra help and encouragement to stick with their goals. Tiger’s Eye can keep Gemini safe when they are traveling and will enhance their communication skills. 

Tiger’s Eye is known as a traditional crystal for Leos. It’s perfect at combining Earth and Sun energy. Tiger’s Eye provides Leo with abundance, balance, support, confidence and joy

It’s able to assist in unblocking creative energy like Carnelian, but Tiger’s Eye really helps them embody self-empowerment.

Tiger’s Eye lets a Leo be able to trust themselves more which allows them to move more freely through life and with ease. 

Tiger's Eye Chakra

Tigers Eye is a solar stone, so it especially resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra

It also stimulates the Sacral and Root Chakras.

Tiger's Eye Element

How to Use Tiger's Eye

In Meditation

Meditating with Tiger's Eye palmstone will help you clarify your visions and amplify your intentions. It helps you face and overcome difficult challenges and stick to your plans, despite discouraging setbacks.

Close your eyes and hold a piece of Tiger's Eye in your hands.

→Take a few deep, slow breaths as you focus your mind upon the crystal you are holding.

While holding your piece of Tiger's Eye repeat the affirmation:

“ I act with confidence, strength, clarity, and enthusiasm.”

How to Wear

Wear a Tiger’s Eye bracelet if you are looking for a way to bring in good fortune, happiness, and overall success in your life or just need a better way to manage your anxiety levels. 

It is believed that wearing Tiger’s Eye will bring you good fortune. 

It is also a great stone for providing protection and grounding as well. 

In the Home

Place a piece of Tiger’s Eye in or near your doorway for protection of energies entering your home

Place a piece in the southern corner of your home or room to enhance concentration as well. 

Geology of Tiger's Eye

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