Shattuckite Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Shattuckite  Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Intuition • Communication • Truth

Polished Shattuckite Slice
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Shattuckite Tumbled Stone

Shattuckite Meaning

Shattuckite is a highly spiritual stone that helps to align you with the Divine and other higher powers. 

It assists in the development of your intuition and psychic awareness, enabling you to connect with your higher self in a very meaningful way. 

Shattuckite inspires you to explore the truth of the universe and the truth that you hold within yourself. It's also known for its calming and soothing energies which can help relieve stress and anxiety. 

Shattuckite is also said to be an excellent aid for lucid dreaming as well as past life recalling. It can help you to access the Akashic Records, allowing you to see patterns or cycles in life and gain insight into how your past influences your present.

It has been known to stimulate communication of the truth. It encourages the clear and accurate expression of emotions and stimulates honest conversations that can lead to greater understanding between individuals. 

It strengthens your ability to speak with compassion, integrity, and accuracy. Shattuckite inspires you to connect with your spirituality and to allow positive energy to flow through your mind and body. 


Metaphysical Properties, & Benefits

• Balances the Throat Chakra, and stimulates communication of the truth, strengthing the ability to openly speak the truth with compassion, and to communicate with integrity and accuracy. 

 • Great stone for psychic communication (mediums, card readers, astrologists, etc.) Use during meditation to strengthen & develop psychic gifts.

 • Aligns the Third-Eye, Throat, Crown, Higher Crown, and Higher Heart Chakras

 • Helps develop and sharpen intuition • Enhances insight, imagination, and creativity 

 • Helps overcome negativity and fear-based emotion, Opening channels for new emotions about past traumas to flow in and flush out the emotions that have been clogging your mental space. 

 • Can also be used to facilitate contact with spirit guides, healers, and teachers. 

Shattuckite Associations

Shattuckite Properties Card

Shattuckite Zodiac

  • Aquarius
  • Taurus
  • Libra
  • Sagittarius

Shattuckite Chakra

Shattuckite is connected the Throat and Third Eye Chakra

Shattuckite helps to open your Throat Chakra so that you can clearly speak your truth without fear or judgement. It can also help bring clarity to communication, aiding in the ability to express yourself succinctly. This stone is also believed to help bring forth wisdom and clarity as it is associated with the Divine Source.

It’s energies can be of great help in connecting with spirit guides, angels, or your higher self. With the aid of this stone, you can open up and receive guidance from the higher realms.

It's connection to the Third Eye Chakra, helps bring clarity of thought and enhances psychic abilities. It is also believed to be one of the most powerful stones for connecting with spiritual beings and other energetic realms. 

If you are looking to open up to greater spiritual insight, using Shattuckite in meditation can be a great way to do so. You may even want to combine it with other stones that encourage psychic abilities such as Lapis Lazuli or Amethyst.

Shattuckite Element

How to Use Shattuckite 

For those who are drawn to spiritual exploration and growth, Shattuckite can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. 

Shattuckite encourages self-reflection and inner growth by helping us look inward to uncover our true feelings and desires, while providing courage and confidence to take action on them. 

Shattuckite can also be used to enhance communication with the spirit world, such as by connecting with angels, ancestors, or other divine beings. 

It also can help protect against psychic attack and clear any negative energies that might be lingering in your aura. Use this stone to aid in your spiritual journey and provide you with guidance, clarity, and protection.

In Meditation

Meditating with Shattuckite allows you to access higher wisdom and guidance more easily

It assists in creating a strong connection to the divine, helping you to recognize and utilize your intuitive gifts while maintaining a sense of faith and trust in the higher powers. 

When meditating with a tumbled stone, focus on your intention and let the healing energy of Shattuckite fill your body and mind. 

Using Shattuckite regularly can help to shift your mindset towards a higher vibration or frequency that allows you to better connect with the divine.

How to Wear

Wearing Shattuckite jewelry can bring forth a sense of inner peace, balance, and clarity that can help to soothe and calm the mind. Shattuckite has been known to heighten intuition and enhance communication, making it an ideal choice for those who are seeking to strengthen their spiritual connections.

We recommend wearing the bracelet on your left wrist or your receiving (non-dominate hand). When worn consistently, this bracelet can help you tap into your deeper emotions and access your inner wisdom.

Carry a Shattuckite tumbled stone with you throughout the day when you need an extra boost of spiritual energy. This stone can help to keep you centered and grounded even when the world around you is chaotic. It can also help to bring clarity to your thoughts, allowing for better decision-making. 

In the Home

Placing a tumbled Shattuckite in your personal space can help you create a positive and calming atmosphere, as well as open you up to higher vibrations for spiritual growth. 

This stone can also be used to direct healing energy where it is needed in your body.

Place a Shattuckite slice in the bedroom or under your pillow to aid in lucid dreaming as well as past life recalling. It can help you to access the Akashic Records, allowing you to see patterns or cycles in life and gain insight into how your past influences your present.

Placing Shattuckite on your altar or near a window sill is said to enhance its energy and help infuse your space with its protective, healing energy. It is an excellent stone for connecting with higher realms, spirit guides, and the Divine Source. 


Shattuckite is a rather fragile crystal as we know from the Mohs hardness scale it has a 3.5. Therefore smoke cleansing or the Full Moon are the best options to cleanse your Shattuckite. You can also use a Selenite wand or plate to cleanse your Shattuckite crystal.

Shattuckite Products

Shattuckite Slice
Shattuckite Tumbled Stone

Geology of Shattuckite 

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