Red Tiger's Eye Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Red Tiger's Eye Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Motivation • Passion • Confidence

Red Tiger's Eye Palmstone
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Raw Red Tiger's Eye Stone

Red Tiger's Eye Meaning,

Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Red Tigers Eye is a stimulating and energizing stone. It is a motivator, activating your will power and inspiration. 

Red Tigers Eye encourages your confidence and gives you a boost of energy to complete difficult tasks. 

This stone can enhance your self-esteem and help you overcome feelings of reluctance or mental fatigue. It balances any emotions or thoughts that may be overwhelming or difficult to decipher. 

Red Tigers Eye also helps with creativity. It is a passionate stone that assists in times of new beginnings. 

Red Tiger's Eye Associations

Red Tiger's Eye properties card

Red Tiger's Eye Zodiac, Chakra, & Element

  • Red Tigers Eye activates the Root Chakra which helps to ground you physically and mentally. 
  • It resonates with the zodiac of Leo and Scorpio.
  • Red Tiger's Eye is assocated with the element of Fire

How to Use Red Tiger's Eye

Red Tiger's Eye Products

Geology of Red Tiger's Eye

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