Pink Calcite Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Pink Calcite Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Peace • Forgiveness • Angelic Guidance

Raw Pink Calcite Stones
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What is Pink Calcite?


Pink Calcite gets its name from the pink coloring that is created by the presence of the mineral manganese. 

This versatile mineral has a range of uses, from increasing peace in one's life to supporting forgiveness and offering angelic guidance. 

Pink Calcite Tumbled Stones

Pink Calcite Meaning, Metaphysical Properties, & Benefits

Pink Calcite provides calming and loving energy.

It inspires peace and well-being, and lifts tensions and anxiety. Pink Calcite can be extremely supportive, especially in times of grief or other emotional hardship. It inspires peaceful sleep and is said to prevent nightmares.

Pink Calcite activates and heals the Heart Chakra. It helps those who may have trouble expressing their emotions.

Pink Calcite helps you to be able to forgive yourself and others who may have wronged you. It allows you to accept the past, and look forwards to new positive experiences.

Pink Calcite Associations

Pink Calcite Properties Card

Pink Calcite Zodiac

People who are of the cancer zodiac sign often have a difficult time expressing their emotions. 

Pink calcite is the best gemstone for them, as it helps to encourage emotional expression. Its bright pink color is cheerful and uplifting, which can help those of this sign feel better about themselves and their situations. 

Pink calcite can also help to balance out the emotions, creating a more positive and peaceful state of mind.

Pink Calcite Chakra

The heart chakra is associated with love, compassion, and empathy. Pink calcite can help to activate and heal this chakra, making it easier for a person to express their emotions. It can also help to create a sense of calm and peace, which can be beneficial for those who may struggle with anxiety or depression.

Pink Calcite Element

How to Use Pink Calcite 

In Meditation

Hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand and imagine a bright pink light shining brightly from your Heart Chakra. This brilliant light surrounds you and cleanses your entire body. 

Repeat this mantra, “I am Loving. I am Open Hearted. I am ready to learn to Love Myself and Others.”

Repeat this 3 times.

How to Wear

Since pink calcite is associated strongly with the heart chakra, you may consider wearing it as a pendant in order to keep it close to your heart, as skin contact is incredibly effective for getting the most energy out of your crystals

In the Home

Pink calcite towers or stones can also serve the double purpose of radiating energy as well as being beautiful pops of color. 

Consider putting a pink calcite stone in the entrance to wherever you consider to be your safe space in your home — whether that's your bedroom, your bathroom, etc., putting a pink calcite standing guard at the entrance will trap negative energy before you enter, and remind you that this is a space of healing and self-care. 

Overall, pink calcite is an excellent choice of stone for anyone looking to bring a bit of self-love and light into their life

Pink Calcite Products

Pink Calcite Tumbled Stone
Raw Pink Calcite Crystal

Geology of Pink Calcite 

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