Grape Agate Meaning and Properties

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Grape Agate Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Grape agate cluster

Stability • Protection • Focus

What is Grape Agate?


Grape Agate is a unique crystal that has a look all its own. From pale lavender to deep purple, Grape Agate protects your mind, heart, and soul from negativity. 

It brings you vivid dreams and gives you the ability to interpret what your mind may be telling you through those dreams. A powerful stone of calming and stability! 

Grape Agate, also known as Purple Chalcedony, is a recently discovered purple stone from Indonesia.

It is made up of small sphere-shaped crystals that have formed together to look like a bunch of grapes.

Grape Agate is not technically an agate because it does not have any banding. But, like agate, it is a form of Chalcedony.

Purple Chalcedony is found in various shades of purple, from lavender to deep violet. 

Some rare specimens also have some green mixed in with the purple. 

purple chalcedony cluster with purple and green

Grape Agate Meaning

Because of its purple color and sphere-shaped crystals, Grape Agate is named after a bunch of grapes. The small round crystals form together to look like grapes before they are plucked from the vine.

Agate is named after the Italian river that used to be known as the “Achetes”. This is where ancient civilizations supposedly discovered the first agate. 

However, because it is does not contain bands, Grape Agate is not really an agate.

Grape Agate is best known for its properties of Protection, Focus, and Stability. 

Grape Cluster vs Grape Agate Cluster

Grape Agate Metaphysical Properties

Grape Agate is a soothing stone that promotes stability and composure.

It is also known for:

  • Protection against negative energy

  • Encouraging security and self-confidence

  • Assisting mediation

  • Promoting peaceful dreams

  • Inspiring self-confidence

Grape Agate shields you from negative energy and it creates a sense of security, especially in times of emotional stress.

It allows you to connect to your spirituality and inspires you to communicate with the positive energy of the earth.

Grape Agate emanates warm protective energy that guards your mind and emotions.

Since it was only recently discovered, there is no record of ancient or mythological use of Grape Agate.

That does not mean it is any less powerful than other agates!

It radiates calming energy that allows you to open your mind and focus on what is most important in your life. 

Grape Agate Benefits

While Grape Agate is a great stone for protection, it has many other benefits.

Grape Agate can help with:

  • Connecting with your emotions

  • Inspiring peaceful sleep

  • Communicating with your dreams

  • Heightening your intuition

  • Reaching clarity and peace of mind

Grape Agate allows you to really connect with your emotions, both negative and positive. It helps you recognize thoughts and feelings that you may need to let go of.

It inspires focus, allowing you to define your most important desires. It also helps you connect with yourself and your inner truth.

Grape Agate is an excellent stone for sleep and dream work. It promotes peaceful and restful sleep. It also allows you to connect with your dreams and helps you remember and interpret them. 

Elemental, Chakra, and Zodiac Signs

  • Connects to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras

  • Allows you to communicate with your inner truth and keep your mind clear of negative thoughts and emotions.

  • It is associated with the Air element. 

  • Connects you to the Pisces zodiac sign. 

  • Radiates feminine energy and helps you connect to the goddess within, and the Divine Feminine. 

grape agate properties card

How to Use Grape Agate

Grape Agate is sold in both raw and tumbled forms. If you are planning on carrying a piece of Grape Agate with you throughout the day, choose a tumbled piece as the raw specimens are extremely fragile.

Keeping a tumbled piece of Grape Agate in your pocket, bag, or bra is a great way to help you focus on your work throughout the day and keep your mind clear. Wearing Grape Agate jewelry is another way to inspire calm and remind you to connect to your emotions and intuitions as you go through your day.

One of the best places to keep Grape Agate is in your bedroom. 

You can keep a larger specimen on your bedside table or dresser, or sleep with a tumbled piece of Grape Agate under your pillow.

This inspires restful sleep and vivid dreams. Keeping Grape Agate near you as your sleep helps you to connect with and interpret your dreams. 

Our minds can reveal things to us in our dreams. Grape Agate helps you to understand these messages and guides you on how you can translate these messages into your life. 

Grape Agate Products

Grape Agate Tumbled Stone
Raw Grape Agate Crystal - No.7

Scientific Properties of Grape Agate

Despite its name, Grape Agate is not technically a real agate. Like agate, it is a form of Chalcedony. However, instead of bands, it is made up of tiny round crystals that have formed together over time. This is called a Botryoidal formation. The word Botryoidal literally translates to “cluster of grapes.”

Grape Agate is made up of quartz and morganite. Small amounts of Iron give Grape Agate its purple color.

Grape Agate was discovered in 2016 and is found only in Indonesia and the American state of Utah. It is a 7 on Mohs Hardness Scales. 

grape agate closeup

Grape Agate FAQs

Is Grape Agate rare?

Grape Agate is only mined in Indonesia, so it is a relatively rare stone. 

Is Grape Agate good for sleep?

Allow Grape Agate to bring you clarity of mind. It will inspire peaceful sleep and help connect you with your dreams and desires. 

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