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Rhodonite - carries a strong heart-based energy to bring emotional healing, compassion, forgiveness and the release of fear.

  • Facilitates unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance towards others, which helps to create a more peaceful relationship.
  • Rhodonite stones have a powerful healing vibration that is very beneficial to heal relationship problems.
  • Rhodonite Stone brings forgiveness, compassion and releases fear
  • Balances Emotions, during stressful and traumatic times, this stone can be used to calm you.
  • Excellent to aid self-esteem and self-confidence, and self-worth.
  • Help you to feel calmer and less panicky, and may help you to solve conflict in a positive and practical way.
  • As one of the best heart chakra stones, it helps to release any energy blockages within your heart chakra. 


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