Charoite Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Charoite Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Calming • Protection • Healing

Polished Charoite Stone
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Tumbled Charoite Stones

Charoite Meaning

Charoite can be used to purify and cleanse the body and mind. It helps to remove inner negativity, and eases fear. Charoite has a soothing effect on the soul, and helps to heal negative habits. It can highlight where in your life you might need to make changes, and open the path to new beginnings.

This can allow for deeper thoughts and insights into love and relationships. It also protects the mind and the heart. Charoite can protect the mind from unconscious fears and psychic attacks, and protects the heart from love that may not be beneficial.

Charoite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Charoite reveals one’s path of service, protection, healing, and purging one of inner negativity.

The powerful Purple Ray is used to purify and cleanse one’s etheric body, releasing disharmonies and dispelling negativity. 

It can protect one from psychic attacks and dispel the tendency to have bad dreams.

Charoite facilitates the release of unconscious fears, serving as a catalyst for the healing and transmutation of old patterns of imbalance. 

It encourages us with the strength to create your ideal present, helping you to feel limitless. 

Charoite can help us to overcome our fears, and to overcome resistance to our sacred path. It can also stimulate intuitive and psychic abilities.

Charoite has a soothing effect on the soul and helps to heal negative habits. It can highlight where in your life you might need to make changes, and open the path to new beginnings.

Charoite is also known as a Stone of Transformation because it will enhance your visions of your past life and support your current life path while grounding yourself to the reality of your everyday life. 

This crystal is also good for those with ADHD and sleeping problems. 

Charoite Associations

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Charoite Zodiac

Charoite is associated with Virgo and Scorpio

Virgos are often very hard on themselves, and can be prone to anxiety and self-doubt. Charoite can help to soothe the soul and heal any negative habits or thought patterns, making it a perfect stone for Virgos.

Charoite supports the Scorpio's intense and alluring nature, while also helping them to release any unconscious fears or patterns that might be holding them back.

Charoite Chakra

Charoite stimulates both the Heart and Crown Chakras, connecting the mind to the heart.

This connection allows for deeper thoughts and insights into love and relationships.

Charoite Element

How to Use Charoite

In Meditation

Meditate with Charoite when you want to unleash your full potential, and have no fear of failure. You can also meditate with Charoite when you are ready to step out of your comfort zone. 

Charoite is best paired with moldavite, blue apatite, kunzite, and amethyst. If you want to enhance its protective energies in your life, combine your charoite with smoky quartz, black tourmaline, jet, or sugilite.

Close your eyes and hold a piece of charoite in your hands.

→Take a few deep, slow breaths as you focus your mind upon the crystal you are holding.

While holding your piece of Charoite, repeat the affirmation:

 “I ask for the revelation of my highest path of service and I embrace it fully, knowing I am protected from all harm.”

Repeat this 3 times.

How to Wear

Charoite is excellent to wear on your body because it will regulate the flow of energy. Wear or carry around a charoite stone to avert bad things or events that you cannot control.

It will act as a protective talisman for you and the people you love.

You can wear a bracelet on the left or right wrist, and switch between sides as you wish. Wear as many bracelets as your body calls for. 

Remember that your left (or dominant hand) is your receiving hand for energy, and your right hand (or non-dominant hand) is your giving hand for energy.

Wear a pendant to cope with stress, fear, and hardship.

You can also place a piece directly on the solar plexus or the third eye chakra to help you keep going when faced with struggles.

Wear earrings to detoxify the body from chemical reactions in response to extreme emotions such as shock or joy.

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In the Home

Place a tumbled Charoite underneath your mattress or pillow before you go to sleep. Charoite will give you a good sleep and total relaxation when you need it. 

It can help overcome insomnia, sleepwalking, night terrors, or sleep-talking. 

Charoite is also good for happiness in the family, regulating fights, and increase love and passion between yourselves. To do so, place a Charoite tower in the southern direction of your home living room. 

Charoite Products

Geology of Charoite

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