Bumble Bee Jasper Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Bumble Bee Jasper Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Transformation • Creativity • Positivity

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Bumble Bee Jasper Meaning, Metaphysical Properties, & Benefits

Bumblebee Jasper provides strength and direction. It is a stone of intense energy. 

Bumblebee Jasper can help to invigorate all aspects of your life. 

It can assist you in manifesting your dreams and inspire you to create the existence you have been striving for. 

Bumblebee Jasper transforms your mind into a place of positivity and confidence.

It especially inspires creativity and open mindedness. 

Bumblebee Jasper’s invigorating qualities evoke a sense of adventure, and can give you the confidence to explore new possibilities and paths.

Bumble Bee Jasper Associations

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Bumble Bee Jasper Zodiac, Chakra, & Element

  • Bumblebee Jasper resonates with the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. It is very energizing to both of these areas.

  • It is associated with the zodiac of Leo

  • Bumble Bee Jasper resonates with the elements of Fire and Earth

How to Use Bumble Bee Jasper

How to Wear

Wear this stone will enable you to pick out the best opportunities for yourself and your family.
Bumble Bee Jasper will also enable you to become much more susceptible to change and new surroundings. A great way to wear Bumble Bee Jasper is by adding a pair of earrings!

In the Home

Keep a Bumble Bee Japser sphere in your home if you’re about to start something new. It Will also give you an ego boost.

This will help you break away from your comfort zone and explore avenues that you previously wouldn’t have and you never know, one of these avenues might just change your life.

Keeping a tumbled Bumblebee Jasper with you while you’re outside enjoying the Summer Time will help to energize you and promote happiness and joy. This crystal is exceptional at encouraging us to celebrate even the smallest moments in life. 

Bumble Bee Jasper Products

Geology of Bumble Bee Jasper

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