Blue Tiger's Eye Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Blue Tiger's Eye Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Calming • Balance • Intuition

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Tumbled Blue Tigers Eye

Blue Tigers Eye Meaning, Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Blue Tigers Eye is an extremely calming stone. 

It helps to reduce stress and ease anxiety. Blue Tigers Eye offers relief from fears and phobias.

It has a cooling property that can be calming and can become a positive influence. 

Blue Tigers Eye helps to balance your worries and fears with more reasonable thoughts.

It provides insight into internal conflicts and other emotional issues, and then it facilitates your ability to communicate and express these thoughts and feelings.

Blue Tigers Eye Associations

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Blue Tigers Eye Zodiac,  Chakra, and Element

  • Blue Tiger's Eye is associated the the zodiac of Leo and capricorn.
  • It is known to stimulate the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. 
  • Blue Tiger's Eye is thought to be related to the element of Water and Air. 

How to Use Blue Tigers Eye

In Meditation

Are you currently facing any difficult challenges in your life, and stressed out about a decision or choice? 

Blue Tigers Eye might be the perfect crystal for you.

Use Blue Tigers Eye during your daily meditation to help deepen your spiritual practice and abilities, helping illuminate issues that may have been difficult for us to see.

It can also enhance your intuition, and aid in our understanding. and 

Blue Tiger's Eye can bring clarity to the internal conflicts that consistently distract us from achieving our desires.  

How to Wear

Wearing a Blue Tigers Eye bracelet is an effective way to connect you with the stone's energy throughout the day. 

If you get nervous about speaking or giving a presentation wear a Blue Tigers Eye necklace to relax your throat chakra and foster effective communication.

Carry Blue Tigers Eye tumbled stone with you when you are on-the-go to help reduce stress and ease anxiety, it brings a “go with the flow” attitude reminding us that balance and harmony are essential.

In the Home

In addition to wearing or carrying Blue Tigers Eye, it can also be placed in your home, car, or desk, to help promote peace and harmony in the home, and attract good luck and prosperity. 

I also like to have Blue Tiger's Eye sphere with me at work as it helps to reveal good choices and helps increase confidence. 


Blue Tigers Eye is a water-safe crystal

It has a 6.5 to 7 Mohs hardness scale so you can hold your stone under running water to cleanse. 

You can also use your preferred method of smoke cleansing, soil from the earth, sound cleansing, or placing it underneath a full moon.

Blue Tigers Eye Products

Geology of Blue Tigers Eye

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