Blue Aventurine Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Blue Aventurine Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Self Discipline • Inner Strength

Tumbled Blue Aventurine Stones
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Raw Blue Aventurine Stones

Blue Aventurine Metaphysical Meaning, Properties & Benefits

Blue Aventurine is a stone of inner strength. It helps you to mature spiritually and emotionally, allowing you to open yourself to new levels of intuition and spirituality. 

Blue Aventurine strengthens your self-discipline, assisting you in decision-making and matters of the heart. It helps connect your mind to your soul and emotional body.

Blue Aventurine helps to calm intense emotion, and brings calmness and peacefulness. It strengthens your confidence, and helps you to feel less affected by negative influences and energies. 

Blue Aventurine Associations

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Blue Aventurine Chakra, Zodiac, Element

  • Blue Aventurine stimulates the Throat and is also great for helping us connect with our psychic abilities as it also helps us open our third eye chakra
  • It is related to the Zodiac of Aries
  • It combines the Elements of Air and Water and gently resonates from the mind to the heart.

How to Use Blue Aventurine

In Meditation

Meditate with a raw Blue Aventurine if you’re looking to work on your throat chakra and improve your communication skills. 

How to Wear

Wear a Blue Aventurine bracelet to help better connect with its energies or carry a tumbled piece with you, in your purse, or pocket.

In the Home

Place a blue aventurine in your home for better decision making. 

In the home or the office, wherever you need a lightning strike of abundance, this is where you want to place your Aventurine stone. 

Blue Aventurine Products

Blue Aventurine Tumbled Stone
Raw Blue Aventurine Crystal

Geology of Blue Aventurine

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