Bloodstone Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Bloostone Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Strength • Healing • Grounding

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Bloodstone Meaning, 

Metaphysical Properties, & Benefits

Bloodstone offers strength in many ways. It inspires mental determination and courage. Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone that helps to remove negative energy. It encourages vitality and promotes energy of the mind and soul. Bloodstone is also a strong protection stone that can help fill you with confidence and the energy to move past difficult situations.

Also known as Heliotrope, Bloodstone gets its name from the Greek words “helio” and “trepein”, with helio meaning “Sun” and trepein meaning “turning”.

In ancient civilizations, Bloodstone was known as the “Sun Stone'' and later on “Christ’s Stone”. 

During Medieval times, it was believed that Bloodstone formed when Christ’s blood dripped onto the dark green earth after his crucifixion and turned to stone. 

It was also used extensively during ancient times as signet seals and in jewellery, as well as being carved into decorative cups, small vases, and statuettes.

Bloodstone Associations

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Bloodstone Zodiac

Bloodstone could be considered one of the ultimate crystals for an Aries

Not only is Bloodstone protective and grounding, it boosts an Aries' courage and physical strength. Bloodstone can help increase an Aries mental clarity so that they are able to make better decisions. 

It attracts abundance, prosperity and well-being, as well as stabilizing Aries energy levels to help them overcome emotional issues that may be holding them back.

Bloodstone is a great crystal to fuel all of Aries positive characteristics to help them achieve success within new ventures and possibilities.

Bloodstone is a protective and powerful crystal for Pisces. It’s great for boosting inner strength and stability, helping Pisces to overcome their people pleasing tendencies. 

Bloodstone is able to assist Pisces in moving past negative experiences, helping them to not wallow. 

It’s a helpful crystal to remind some Pisces to not victimize themselves. It’s wonderful for boosting their confidence that allows them to discover more free and positive experiences for themselves. 

Bloodstone also brings about a sense of calm to Pisces, assisting them in making decisions and allowing them to tap into their creativity.  

Bloodstone Chakra

Bloodstone strengthens the Root Chakra and assists in grounding you physically and mentally.

Bloodstone Element

How to Use Bloodstone

In Meditation

Use Bloodstone when you want to get moving. When you're feeling sluggish or lethargic, pick up a piece of Bloodstone.

Close your eyes and hold a tumbled piece of Bloodstone in your hands.

→Take a few deep, slow breaths as you focus your mind upon the crystal you are holding.

While holding your piece of Bloodstone, repeat the affirmation:

“I get up and move.”

Repeat this 3 times.

→After meditating, find a way to get moving! Anything like going on a walk or dancing to your favorite song, just get your blood pumping! 

How to Wear

Choosing to wear Bloodstone will provide you with all of its wonderful healing benefits as well.

In the Home

When choosing to place Bloodstone in a space, it keeps your home protected from negative energy.

Not only does it bring powers of protection but it also lends a strong energizing feel to the space. 

For those who want to bring a flush of vibrancy to their creative space or even to their office, Bloodstone can make you feel more productive and motivated to get stuff done.

Bloostone Products

Geology of Bloodstone

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