Why Did My Healing Crystal Break? What Do I Do With It Now?

Why did my crystal break and what do I do with it now?

Why does it break?

No matter how careful you are, sometimes a crystal or a piece of crystal jewelry breaks. It can be heartbreaking or upsetting, especially if the piece is a gift or something you feel particularly close to. But, it’s important to explore the reasons why something like this can happen.

First and foremost, accidents happen. Sometimes a crystal breaking is unrelated to your energies or its own metaphysical properties. You might drop a piece, and that’s okay. Certain stones, like selenite or tourmaline, are more fragile than others. Being too rough with them might cause them to crack or break. Stones can also become more fragile from improper cleansing of your crystal or treatments they go through. Certain stones will dissolve or break in water. Wearing some jewelry in the shower can also cause some stones or jewelry to break. Others can become brittle from sitting in the sun too long, thus making them more prone to cracking. Crystals treated with irradiation or heat-treated crystals can be easier to crack than others. Here is a helpful guide on Crystals that should not be cleansed in water or sunlight.

There are many other reasons why a crystal or a piece of crystal jewelry might break.

It might be the wrong crystal for you, or you might not need it anymore. The original intentions you set with the stone may have come to fruition and the stone is telling you that you don’t need it anymore. The crystal’s lifespan--in relation to its journey with you--may be at an end. Consider how your life and your journey has changed since you acquired the crystal.

Crystals absorb your energies, and it may have absorbed too much. This can result from not cleansing your crystal enough. It is important to cleanse your crystal often so that it is not overwhelmed by your daily energies. Sometimes it is not your energy that is harming the crystal, but that of your environment. The vibrational frequency of the crystal may not be vibing with the frequencies in its environment. A toxic environment can cause your crystal (and you!) to absorb toxic energies, and that may be the cause of your crystal breaking.

Some argue that it is possible to overcharge your crystals. This can overwhelm your crystal with energies. However, there are many who say that overcharging is not possible. Is it possible to have too many good vibes? However, the crystal may just be ready to move on, or it can tell you need to move on in your spiritual and healing journey.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself that may prove helpful in understanding this moment. Think back to when and where you obtained the crystal.

  • Did you buy it yourself, did you find it, or did you receive it as a gift from someone?
  • What was happening around that time? Were you working through something then? If so, how do things stand now?
  • Have you gotten through some or all of what you were working through or healing at the time?
  • Who were the people in your life then? And now?
  • What job did you have or what role did you play in your life or in the lives of others? And now?

In essence, how has your life changed since then? The answers to these questions and other musings will likely give you an understanding of what you have released or the cycle of healing that you have just completed.

What should I do after it breaks?

There is no definitive right or wrong way to deal with a broken crystal. Our suggestions below are provided to help you find what resonates best with you and your energy. The crystal will help you decide on the best course of action. Just because it is broken does not mean that it can’t continue to help you on your healing journey.

There are many possible options for what you can do with your crystal if it breaks. The most important first step is to give the crystal a break. Whether or not it broke from being overwhelmed, it is always good to let a broken crystal rest for about a month and then cleanse it using your preferred cleansing method.

The next step is to see how you connect to the crystal, whether it be in its full broken form or one of the new pieces. Try to see if the pieces hold the same energy for you. Sometimes they will still connect with your energy and be able to help you with the same intention. Sometimes you will be able to use them for a new intention or healing journey.

Sometimes a crystal breaking in two might signify that you need to give the other piece to someone who needs it. The crystal may sense someone in your life who could benefit from its energies. Always be sure to cleanse a crystal before you give it to someone, and ask them to cleanse it before using it as well.

If you find that you are still connecting with the crystal or the crystal jewelry’s energy, you can try to fix it. A stone can be glued back together if it has a clean break. Jewelry can also be glued or restrung. Be careful when you do this. Some believe that a stone glued back together does not work as well as it did before breaking. However, your personal experience may vary.

Another option is to place the pieces in different corners of a room or space. The crystal might want to spread its energies further than its original form allowed. Putting some distance between the pieces could possibly create a larger connection.

Sometimes a broken stone will no longer resonate with you. If you find that you feel like you won’t be able to use it, or its energies are too toxic to hand off to another person, you might have to dispose of the crystal. The correct way to do this is by returning it to the earth. Bury your crystal in your yard or garden. You can also put it in a house plant to cleanse it and give it a second life as a decoration.