Raw vs. Tumbled and Shaped Healing Crystals: Exploring the Differences

Raw vs. Tumbled Healing Crystals

Crystals come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. While the energetic healing properties of your crystal will remain the same regardless of shape, size, color, or texture, each experience you have with these crystals may differ.

Some argue that  raw crystals are the best for metaphysical purposes because the crystal is in its most natural form. However, the shape and whether it is polished is not just for aesthetic purposes. One important factor is simple personal preference. You might find yourself more attracted to certain shapes. The feel of shaped and/or polished stones may also be more pleasing for you to work with. It is important to follow your intuition when picking the form of your crystals, and to find a shape that aligns with your intentions and preferences.

If you are choosing between a raw and a tumbled stone, you should first consider your intention and your purpose for the crystal. If you are at the beginning of something, perhaps a new relationship or a new journey, a raw stone might be the better choice. The raw quality of the stone can symbolize the raw potential of a new experience.

If your journey with healing crystals is just starting, we recommend beginning with a small tumbled stone. It’s a small investment and a great way to get to know what properties you are attracted to. Their size allows you to carry them wherever you want and you can easily put it in a pocket or have it close to your skin.

Shaped Crystals can signify many things. Different shapes allow energy to flow in different ways or add additional properties to the stone. You can find crystals in just about any shape you might want, but here are some of the most common.

Crystal Spheres

Stones polished into spheres emit energy from all directions. Their shape allows energy to flow freely and evenly around a room or the space they are placed in. The perfect shape of a sphere expresses unity and wholeness. A cleansing sphere, like clear quartz or selenite, is perfect for keeping a certain room clear. You can also meditate with crystal spheres by holding one in each hand when searching for clarity, unity, and completeness.

Palm Stones

Palm stones are shaped and polished to fit comfortably in your hand. They’re perfect to hold during meditation. They can also be used as a worry or fidget stone during times of physical unrest or anxiety. Physically touching your crystals to connect to their energies is very important, and palm stones are a great way to make this connection.


The square shape of a cube provides stability and an essence of grounding. Cubes are associated with the root chakra because of their ability to provide a strong base for energy. Meditating with a cube can be useful in grounding yourself and for connecting with the energy of nature.


Like cubes, the square shape of the base of a pyramid provides grounding. In addition, its point serves as a way to magnify energy and direct energy through the tip. Pyramids have been used for centuries by many cultures to connect humanity to the spiritual realm. They are very useful for manifestation because of their ability to ground you and point energy into the universe.


Hearts are perfect for connecting with and healing your heart chakra. A heart made from green or pink crystals, like rose quartz or green aventurine, are especially helpful. Hearts can also help with love rituals and attracting love. Carrying a heart with you will help with love of yourself and maintaining relationships.


Crystal eggs are similar to spheres in that they emit energy in all directions, but they also have the added benefit of a focal point at the top. Eggs are associated with fertility and female energy. They are good for fertility rituals, but also for rebirth of mind, body, and spirit. Eggs are the perfect shape for new beginnings and new ideas.


Harmonizers are crystals, often selenite, polished into a cylindrical shape. They are ideal for holding during meditation. Holding a pair of harmonizers in your hands during meditation helps to ground you and surround you with positive energy. Adding harmonizers to your meditation allows you to tap into the energy of the crystal and the energy of the universe.