How to Choose a Healing Crystal When Purchasing Online vs. In-Person

How to Choose a Healing Crystal

Choosing a new crystal is an exciting experience that can sometimes be a little daunting, especially if you aren’t able to hold the crystal before purchasing it. There are so many different types of stones and it can sometimes be difficult to choose between their varying metaphysical properties. But, don’t worry. There are many easy ways to find the stone that is perfect for you.

The first and easiest way to choose a crystal is to use your intuition. If you are purchasing a crystal in person, take a first glance at the crystals in front of you. Take note of any crystals that draw your attention. If there is a crystal that is meant for you, you will be naturally inclined to pick it up. Provided the shop owner allows you to do so, hold the stone in your hands and focus your mind on its energies. If it feels right, this is the crystal for you. Many believe that we don’t pick the crystals, they pick us. So, if you feel like a particular stone is resonating with you, it is the correct choice.

You can also use your intuition to choose a crystal when you are purchasing healing crystals online, even though you will not be able to touch it. Look through the pictures of the stones that the store offers. If there is a stone that is meant for you, you will still be drawn to it. You might see a stone that you really wish you could hold, or you keep circling back to a specific stone. That is the one you should choose. Your intuition and subconscious will be able to find the stone that you need even if you are not consciously aware of it.

If you are not very comfortable completely using your intuition, there are a few other ways to select a stone. Dowsing is an ancient practice that has been used for a variety of things, including choosing crystals. You can dowse using your fingers or a crystal pendulum. To finger dowse, connect your thumb and your forefinger on your non-dominant hand to make a loop. Put your other thumb and finger through the loop and connect them the same way. Hold your hands in this position over a crystal or a picture of a crystal online and ask if this is the right crystal for you. Pull your hands apart. If the loop breaks then this is not the stone for you. If it holds, it is the right crystal for you.

If you have a crystal pendulum, that is another good way to see if a crystal is the correct choice. To use a pendulum, hold it above a crystal or a picture of a crystal. Before asking it about the crystal, ask a question you know the answer to. This will establish which direction is yes and which direction is no. Once you have ascertained that information, you can ask the pendulum about the crystal. You may find that over time you feel more comfortable with using your intuition, and you can stop using these two methods.

Sometimes you might not feel attracted to or feel struck by any crystals you see in a shop or online. That is okay. It may take some time to find the stone that is right for you at that moment. It is important that you don’t force a crystal into your life. If you choose a crystal that you are not attracted to or do not vibe with, it will not be very helpful to you.

Overall it is very important to keep an open mind. It is good to have an idea of what you want the crystal to help you with, but if you are focused on something too specifically, you might miss what you need. Try not to focus on the specific meanings and properties of a crystal when looking at it. Frequently, a crystal that you never expected might turn out to be the right one for you. Don’t go in with too many expectations, and be open to different possibilities. Do what feels right for you!


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