Creative Ways to Reuse your Candle Jar

Creative Ways to Reuse your Candle Jar

After you’ve cleaned your candle jar, there are many ways you can reuse and repurpose the Candle Jar. For quick and easy cleaning instructions, check out “How to Clean Out a Candle Jar After Your Candle Is Done Burning”. Here are a few of our preferred ways.

Tealight Holder or Votive - Use the jar as a decorative votive. This is a safe way to burn the tealight and a nice way to display the candle. You can also decorate the jar with paint or markers to create an interesting visual effect as the tealight burns.

Crystal Display - An empty jar can be used to display a special crystal or larger piece. You can also use it to hold a variety of smaller stones or chips.

Incense Holder - If you are using a vertical incense holder, your jar is a great way to catch the falling ashes. This ensures that no ashes fall on something flammable or a surface that is easily stained.

Drinkware - You can use the jar as a glass tumbler or rocks glass. Just make sure you clean the jar well before putting anything edible in it.

Small Planter - Your jar can serve as a pot for a small plant or succulent. It can also be used for a DIY tiny terrarium.

Snack Jar - Use the jar to hold small snacks or as a candy jar. Like with using it as a glass, make sure the jar is completely clean before putting any food in it.

Bathroom Organizer - Your jar works great as a way to organize many things. Place your toothbrush and toothpaste in it. Or use it to hold all your makeup brushes. The jar can also be used as a way to store toiletries like cotton swabs or cotton balls.

Vase - You can reuse your jar as a small vase to hold fresh or fake flowers. It can also hold water and a floating flower.

Desk Organizer - Use your jar to hold office or art supplies like pens, pencils, and markers. You can also use the jar for storage of small items like paper clips or rubber bands.

Coin Jar - The jar can make a new version of a piggy bank for your spare change. It’s a good way to save a little money or just to empty your pockets.

Match Holder - Make a decorative match holder out of your jar. You can add a striker strip to the lid or bottom of the jar, and keep long matches that you’d like to display in the jar.

New Candle - You can always use your jar to create a new candle! You can add a new wick and wax from a craft store or leftover wax from a few candles to make your own.