Citrine vs. Lemon Quartz: What is the Difference?

The Difference Between Citrine vs. Lemon Quartz

People often mistake citrine for a variety of other yellow stones. One of the crystals most commonly confused for Citrine is ‘lemon quartz’. Like citrine, lemon quartz is part of the quartz family and has a yellow coloring, so it is easy to mistake for Citrine. However, lemon quartz is heat treated and irradiated to achieve its coloring.

The radiation changes the atomic particles of the crystal structure, which results in the color and the molecular structure of the crystal being changed, which is why it is different from Natural Citrine and Heated Citrine. This is important to note for energy and healing purposes. Although lemon quartz is also yellow, you can identify the differences in the different shades. Like its name suggests, lemon quartz is closer to the color of a lemon, and sometimes can take on a green hue.

Note- Although lemon quartz is exposed to radiation, the Nuclear Regulation Committee assures us that there is no residual radiation left over. This means that lemon quartz is completely safe to own, handle and wear.


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