Black Obsidian Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Black Obsidian Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Protection • Grounding • Stress Relief

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Black Obsidian Meaning

Black Obsidian is one of the best stones for protection, it is a powerful cleanser of negative energy. 

Black Obsidian helps to remove negativity from your environment, and also from your emotions and mind. 

Because of its protection properties, Black Obsidian cleanses your mind and teaches you emotional strength.

Black Obsidian also helps to connect you to the energy of the Earth, centering you and aligning you with the spirit of nature.

Due to its ability to deflect negativity, Black Obsidian is helpful for clearing energy blockages and aids in bringing truth to the surface to be revealed.

Black Obsidian Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Black Obsidian’s main healing properties include protection, grounding, and stress relief

Obsidian is a very grounding and protective stone and is used as a great cleanser of negative energies. 

It helps to remove negativity experienced in the environment and that one’s own emotions like anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, etc. Obsidian is often used for healing and releasing energy blockages and has a tendency to work quickly to move truths to the surface to be resolved.

It’s excellent for protection against psychic attacks and creates a shield against negativity. 

This crystal helps you to know who you truly are and helps you to recognize where you are holding negativity within yourself. 

Obsidian makes us face truths and issues, enabling us to take action to clear our root causes to things, aiding us in spiritual and personal growth.  

Black Obsidian Associations

Black Obsidian properties card

Black Obsidian Zodiac

Black Obsidian is closely associated to the zodiac of Scorpio

It’s able to remove and absorb negative energies as well as helping to relieve Scorpio of emotional burden and excess energy. 

Black Obsidian is known by some as the Warrior of Truth and is believed to take Scorpios on deep healing journeys through the darker side of their psyche.

Black Obsidian can be quite intense, but its intense nature can be quite advantageous for Scorpios. 

It has the ability to allow Scorpios to look past falsity to see the truth.

Black Obsidian Chakra

Black Obsidian stimulates the Root Chakra. It is especially helpful for grounding you, spiritually and emotionally.

Root Chakra which aids us in grounding and connecting to the spirit of nature. 

Black Obsidian Element

How to Use Black Obsidian

In Meditation

→ If possible, clear out the energy beforehand with your preferred method of smoke cleansing, like incense, or by lighting a candle. 

→ Select one or more pieces of Obsidian to hold while you engage in the meditation. 

→ With Obsidian stones in hand, close your eyes and take three deep breaths in and out.

→ With each exhale, let go of negative feelings like fear, anger, and anxiety. With each inhale, allow a healing light and pleasant feelings like joy, comfort, and gratitude to enter your aura.

How to Wear

Wear a Black Obsidian bracelet on your left hand to protect and shield yourself and your energy field from negativity. Wearing Black Obsidian on your left hand can also help shield you from psychic attacks.

Wear it on your right hand, to appear naturally attractive to others, more , because the people interested in you would be attracted to your pure and the positive energy you have.

This stone isn’t always associated with love, but it does bear some effects on your love life. This primarily comes from the healing benefits of the stone, especially with its ability to give you emotional balance and to clear your aura and life from the discordant dark energies.

In the Home

One of the best places to put your black obsidian crystal is at the front door so that it can act as a filter for those entering your home. Another favorite spot is on top of door frames for the same reason. Putting it near the window is a great way to make sure it’s energized and working to the best of its ability.

It’s really important that your stone is placed on top of a table or shelf and is not on the floor. It should also not be put in a place where it could be neglected as it’s important that it be cleared regularly, especially if you carry a lot of negative energy into your space.

Black Obsidian is ideal for anyone looking to balance their new space or need grounding in a stressful time.

Black Obsidian Products

Geology of Black Obsidian

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