Best Crystals for New Moon in Scorpio (Partial Solar Eclipse)

The Best Crystals for the New Moon in Scorpio with a Partial Solar Eclipse

calendar_today   10/22/2022

What does this New Moon in Scorpio Mean?

There is going to be a new moon in Scorpio on October 25th, 2022. 

There is also a partial solar eclipse on this day, so the symbolism and meaning is a bit more complex than normal.

New moons signify a start of a new cycle or new beginnings and a time to formulate new intentions and re-evaluate existing ones.

However with a solar eclipse, it carries a much more chaotic and fated energy. 

Scorpio rules death, rebirth, and transformation. It is also a water sign which deals with our emotions. 

This new moon in Scorpio asks you to look past the surface level and get to the deeper emotional undercurrents of your being to figure out the truth in your desires and transform your values.

During this period, you may feel overwhelmed and emotional. 

It's a good time to focus on our Root and Sacral Chakra energies, which govern our finances, relationships, security, well-being, and foundation.

Take a cleansing bath or jump into the ocean if there is one near you!

A particle solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes in front of the sun, but doesn't cover the sun completely. 

An eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned and always coincides with a new moon. 

Solar eclipses are regarded as deeply transformative and are associated with sudden change, new beginnings, and growth. 

This is a powerful time to reassess your goals and set new intentions. 

As this Solar Eclipse falls in the sign of Scorpio, we may find ourselves connecting to a higher level of our soul, understanding ourselves on a deeper level, and peeling back some layers to really reveal a new truth.

On this day, we are going to want to look at what to change in our lives and direct our energies into a positive direction. 

Black Moonstone

Seen from the shadow side, Black Moonstone is the perfect stone for new beginnings or a fresh start.

It is associated with the new moon, so it is a powerful magnifier of your intention. 

Black Moonstone has a gentle, protective, and grounding energy that is not as prevalent as other types of Moonstone.

Use it at the start of a new venture to protect and ground you as you move along your path. 

This gemstone is associated with the moon and the tides. Like all Moonstone, some believe it radiates feminine energy.

It can help you let go of old patterns that may not be working for you anymore. 

Black Moonstone helps to protect you as you begin to manifest your dreams, making it a perfect stone for the New Moon in Scorpio.

Malacolla (Chrysocolla & Malachite)

Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut, struggling to find your purpose?

Chrysocolla and Malachite can help, especially during the New Moon in Scorpio!

Malacholla is great at aiding in transformation and finding your true path.

Chrysocolla calms and soothes your emotions, helping you to let go of negativity from the past.

It also helps to reveal your own inner knowledge, giving you the confidence to move forward.

Malachite balances both sides of your mind and helps to protect against negative energies. It also promotes abundance and confidence, two essential ingredients for success on your journey.

The Best Crystal for the New Moon in Scorpio is Malacholla, which is a powerful ally in times of change.

Use it to rediscover your truth and manifest your heart's desire.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a beautiful crystal that can be very helpful during the new moon in Scorpio.

It is a powerful crystal for anyone facing challenges or feeling emotional stress.

It helps to ground and center you, providing stability in times of change. Smoky quartz helps to release anything that is holding you back.

The new moon in Scorpio is the perfect time to work with Smoky Quartz. 

This partial solar eclipse is all about transformation, and Smoky Quartz can help you release anything that is no longer serving you. 

If you're ready to let go of the past and move forward into a brighter future, use Smoky Quartz to cleanse your energy and clear the way for positive change.

Smoky quartz helps to bring the truth into the light. 

All in all, smoky quartz is an excellent crystal to work with during this powerful astrological event.


As the new moon in Scorpio approaches, many people are seeking ways to connect with their higher selves and establish a deeper connection with the universe. 

One powerful way to do this is through the use of labradorite.

Labradorite is a stone that is strongly associated with the new moon in Scorpio. This is because labradorite helps to promote change and transformation, two things that are very important during this time.

It helps to calm an overactive mind, and brings energy to the imagination.

Its purifying nature can help to clear away baggage, and allow you to discover your inner self and true life purpose.

Scorpio is a sign that is all about letting go of the past and moving forward into the future, and labradorite can help to facilitate this process.

Additionally, labradorite is a powerful protection stone that will strengthen your natural energies and protect you from negative forces. 

As we enter this new moon phase, labradorite can be an invaluable tool for helping us to establish a deeper connection with our higher selves.

Solar eclipses are thought to be times of great change and transformation, making labradorite an ideal crystal for this time.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is helpful for clearing energy blockages and aids in bringing truth to the surface to be revealed.

This makes black obsidian an ideal crystal for the new moon in scorpio.

It helps to remove negativity from your environment, emotions and mind.

Black obsidian stimulates the Root Chakra, which is helpful for grounding you spiritually and emotionally.

It also helps to connect you to the energy of the Earth, centering you and aligning you with the spirit of nature.

The new moon in scorpio is a time of release and transformation, when we let go of what no longer serves us and make space for what does.

Wearing or carrying black obsidian during this time can help to facilitate this process by clearing away negative energy and helping us to connect to our own power and truth.

This new moon will also be a partial solar eclipse. Black obsidian is especially beneficial during this time, as it can help us to let go of what no longer serves us and align with our highest selves.

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