Aquamarine Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Aquamarine Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Calming • Communication • Stress Relief

Polished Aquamarine Crescent Moons
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Raw Aquamarine Crystals

Aquamarine Meaning

Aquamarine, meaning water of the sea, embodies the calming and soothing energies of the gentle rolling tide. 

Aquamarine brings peace, tranquility, and calmness to an overactive mind, making it ideal for meditation and stress reduction. 

With its calming energy, it encourages one to center their awareness and take a more relaxed approach in life. 

Aquamarine helps to soothe fear and worry while providing courage and clarity. On a spiritual level, it can assist in connecting with divine energies and encourage one to explore their inner depths

It aids in spiritual development by strengthening intuition and connecting one's spirit guides and higher self.

It is also helpful for balancing emotions and promoting healthy communication and relationships. 

In addition to all these therapeutic qualities, Aquamarine can relieve emotional blockages, encourage positive change, and provide support for grieving or traumatic situations

Aquamarine Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

• Used to clear and open the throat chakra, allowing for clear communication of one's inner truth and strengthening your verbal expression. 

 • Helps to clear your mind & balance your emotions.

 •  The ideal stone to use for meditation and to reduce stress.

 • Helps to connect with your spirit guides, intuition, and higher self, promoting spiritual development and awareness. 

 • Promotes healthy communication in relationships and encourages harmony within all aspects of life. 

• Aquamarine is the Birthstone for the Month of March

Aquamarine Associations

Aquamarine Properties Card

Aquamarine Zodiac

Aquamarine resonates with the zodiacs of Aquarius and Pisces

Aquamarine is a wonderful crystal to help Aquarians feel more comfortable with themselves when they feel like an outsider in this world.

Aquamarine promotes authenticity within Aquarius, helping them to realize their efforts for the common good. 

Aquarius is a natural humanitarian, and Aquamarine will help support them on their various endeavors toward the common good. Aquamarine connects Aquarius to their true feelings, helping to reduce their stress levels and assisting them with going with the flow.  

Pisces are very empathic and sensitive to emotion. While this can be very positive, sometimes it can be overwhelming. The calming energy of Aquamarine is especially helpful for a Pisces in a time like this. 

Also, Pisces are water signs, so any Water element crystal will be a positive addition in their life. Aquamarine’s soothing energies and direct relation to the element of Water is especially helpful for this sign that is symbolized by fish

Pisces are creative and imaginative people. Aquamarine is the perfect stone to help bring them clarity of thought, leading to new ideas and positive thinking.

Aquamarine Chakra

Aquamarine is one of the strongest stones for clearing and balancing the Throat Chakra, allowing for clear communication of one's inner truth and strengthening your verbal expression.

Aquamarine Element

How to Use Aquamarine

Are you experiencing toxic emotions like fear and frustration that are weighing you down and leaving you feeling drained? If you want to reignite your spirit, reawaken your passion, and unleash your creativity in all areas of your life, then the Aquamarine stone is the crystal that can help.

Aquamarine is a powerful crystal that can help to dispel these negative emotions, allowing you to have more positive thoughts and feelings. 

It can also be used to clear mental clutter and enhance clarity of mind. Use it as a tool for creative problem-solving or simply meditate with it while setting an intention for peace and serenity in your life.

In Meditation

Aquamarine can be used to aid in meditation, as it helps one find spiritual truth. It is known for its ability to bring inner peace, instill trust and promote self-expression. 

It can help to open up intuition and spiritual communication, as well as being a very powerful stone for healing emotional wounds

While holding a raw piece of Aquamarine, visualize yourself surrounded by its calming energies as you practice deep breathing during meditation, allowing it to wash away any negative thoughts or feelings.

How to Wear

Wearing Aquamarine jewelry can enhance creativity, communication, and spiritual awareness

It is said to bring mental clarity, help with problem-solving and decision-making, and even increase confidence. Aquamarine can also help to strengthen friendships and relationships by encouraging understanding and communication between two people

It promotes a gentle but powerful energy that encourages one to take control of their life, look within for guidance, and express themselves honestly.

Aquamarine is a gemstone whose powers can be harnessed depending on which hand it's worn on. When placed on the non-dominant hand, an aquamarine bracelet can help instill emotional balance, promote spiritual alignment, and offer protection. On the dominant hand, it's known to enhance focus and clarity, stimulate the mind, and bolster self-assurance during challenging situations.

Carry an Aquamarine tumbled stone with you throughout the day to bring a sense of inner peace and contentment

With an Aquamarine Tumbled Stone, you can embody the soothing energy and spirit of the element water. These polished tumbled stones cleanse the body and soul, opening you to tranquility, calm, and inner strength.

It can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry while simultaneously boosting feelings of joy, optimism, and hope. 

It brings harmony with nature and encourages the dissolution of negative energy. Therefore, pair Aquamarine with Moss Agate when you go on a hike, or keep this with you when heading out to a Summer gathering with friends or when you’re craving the beach. Aquamarine is said to help you mellow out and encourage you to go with the flow, which is exactly what you want on a dreamy summer’s day.

In the Home

Place a piece of aquamarine in your home, office, or personal space to bring peace, harmony, and protection

Place an Aquamarine carving in your bedroom to help bring healing and calming energies, or near your front door to ward off any negative energy. 


Aquamarine is a water-safe crystal. We know from the Mohs hardness scale it has a 7.5 to 8, so you can hold your stone under running water to cleanse. 

You can also use your preferred method of smoke cleansing, soil from the earth, sound cleansing, or placing it underneath a full moon.

Geology of Aquamarine

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