Angel Aura Amethyst Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Angel Aura Amethyst Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Connection • Intuition • Peace

Polished Angel Aura Amethyst Spheres
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What is Angel Aura Amethyst?


Angel Aura Amethyst is a form of Amethyst that has been altered by  created by vapor deposition of gold. 

It is a stone that is known for its ability to bring peace, enhance intuition, and promote greater connections. 

Raw Angel Aura Amethyst Clusters

Angel Aura Amethyst Meaning

Angel Aura Amethyst is Amethyst coated with Gold and Iridium. 

It combines the soothing and stress relieving qualities of Amethyst with the peaceful and effervescent quality of Angel Aura. 

Angel Aura Amethyst is an extremely calming stone and it radiates beautiful energy.

Angel Aura Amethyst Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Angel Aura Amethyst is a very special and unique type of amethyst that is associated with the Angelic realm.

It is known for its metaphysical properties which open minds to peaceful thoughts and hearts to loving energy.

Angel Aura Amethyst inspires joy and optimism in your life, and encourages peaceful meditation. 

Angel Aura Amethyst Associations

Angel Aura Amethyst Properties Card

Angel Aura Amethyst Zodiac

Angel Aura Amethyst is an amazing stone for Aquarius because it helps to open your mind to new possibilities and encourages you to think in a more optimistic way.

It also opens your heart to love and compassion, which can be beneficial for your relationships with others.

Angel Aura Amethyst Chakra

Angel Aura Amethyst is connected to your Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Angel Aura Amethyst Element

How to Use Angel Aura Amethyst

In Meditation 

Many say Aura Amethyst can help you with channeling higher knowledge, remembering past lives, and gaining insight into one’s spiritual mission in this lifetime.

These properties are ideal for meditation where you are hoping to calm your mind and spirit, and connect spiritually.

This makes it the perfect gemstone to bring you into the higher realms while in meditation, assisting with conscious contact with angels, spirit guides, and teachers.

How to Wear

Wear Aura Amethyst for a calm and peaceful wave of energy.

In the Home

Place it in your home or space where you would like to invite in those peaceful, positive, and calming energies.

Angel Aura Amethyst Products

Geology of Angel Aura Amethyst

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