Amazonite Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Amazonite Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Harmony • Hope • Manifestation

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What is Amazonite?


Amazonite gets its name from the Amazon River in Brazil.

However, there are no known Amazonite deposits in the Amazon basin!

Amazonite is a type of feldspar mineral that gets its greenish hue from traces of lead. 

It is known to soothe the spirit and calm the soul.

Amazonite is also a stone of hope and courage, helping to balance emotions and promote harmony.

Amazonite Chunks and Beads

Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite soothes the spirit and calms the soul. Named after the Amazon river and the mythical female warriors, it radiates a gentle power and energy. 

Amazonite is a stone of hope and courage. It soothes while also fortifying you spiritually and emotionally.

This calming crystal helps you deal with the tough times and can be especially soothing and supportive in times of stress or anxiety.

As a stone that creates harmony in your life, Amazonite is a must have for those looking to balance their emotions and live a stable lifestyle.

Amazonite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Amazonite’s main metaphysical properties include hope, manifestation, and Harmony.

Amazonite is known as the lucky “Hope Stone”, as it can help you achive all of your hopes and dreams. 

It brings calming and soothing energies, making it especially useful in times of stress.

Amazonite tempers aggression, dispels negativity and tames irrationality. It helps balance our emotions and provides harmony and balance.

Amazonite is also known as the "Stone of Courage" and the "Stone of Truth" because of its ability to assist us in communicating our true thoughts and feelings without being overly emotional.

It can also help you overcome any fear of confrontation or judgment.

Amazonite has also been thought to help combat loneliness and help to provide the necessary energies for a happy marriage.

Amazonite Associations

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Amazonite Zodiac

Amazonite is very beneficial for a Virgo who has a hard time knowing when enough is enough.

Virgos can have a tendency to be obsessed with perfection, and Amazonite helps balance their perfectionism energy by assisting Virgo in realizing they don’t need to control everything.

Amazonite quiets Virgo’s mind and puts it at ease, helping them to move on from regrets and know when they’ve done enough.

Amazonite is helpful in balancing Virgo’s emotional state as well, assisting them in quieting their minds and their spirit.

Amazonite Chakra

It is a powerful Throat Chakra healer, and also helps stimulate the Heart Chakra to encourage more compassion.

Amazonite Element

How to Use Amazonite

In Meditation

Meditate with Amazonite whenever you feel the need to become empowered or take control of your life. 

Close your eyes and hold a piece of amazonite in your hands.

→Take a few deep, slow breaths as you focus your mind upon the crystal you are holding.

While holding your piece of Amazonite, repeat the affirmation:

“Living my truth, I easily and honestly communicate what is on my mind. I speak eloquently and lovingly, and I am heard.”

Repeat this 3 times.

How to Wear

Wear an Amazonite Bracelet on your Left Hand to help support your ability to look inside yourself and embrace your unique expression and truth in this realm.

Wear it on your Right Hand to better see the truths in others.

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In the Home

Amazonite is a great addition to the home with its soothing and calming properties.

Keep an Amazonite in the bedroom, on a nightstand, or under the pillow. This will help you achieve a peaeceful and restful night’s sleep. 

It has also been known to keep nightmares away and help decipher some of your dreams.

With its eye appealing qualities, it also makes for nice nature-inspired decor for any place in your house that could benefit from soothing energies, such as near your bathtub or living room.

Amazonite Products

Geology of Amazonite

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