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Lithium Quartz Pendant (Polished) - Sterling Silver
  • Lithium Quartz Pendant (Polished) - Sterling Silver
  • Lithium Quartz Pendant (Polished) - Sterling Silver
  • Lithium Quartz Pendant (Polished) - Sterling Silver
  • Lithium Quartz Pendant (Polished) - Sterling Silver
  • Lithium Quartz Pendant (Polished) - Sterling Silver
  • Lithium Quartz Pendant (Polished) - Sterling Silver
  • Lithium Quartz Pendant (Polished) - Sterling Silver
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Lithium Quartz Pendant

Listing is for 1 (one) Lithium quartz stone. This rare stone is found only in the remote location of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Lithium quartz occurs as a prismatic quartz crystal with lavender inclusions of lithium-bearing.

Size is the length of the crystal. You choose the size:
- Small: ~0.5"
- Medium: ~1"


KEY WORDS Inner peace, awakening to the Higher Self, release from negative attachments, aura healing, harmonizing relationships, freedom from stress
ELEMENT Storm, Water

Lithium Quartz is a very gentle, but very powerful stone. It brings an easy state of relaxation without diminishing one's energy level. Lithium Quartz brings emotional peace, stress release, and relaxation. A powerful, yet gentle healer, Lithium Quartz balances the brain and the emotions. Calming and soothing, Lithium Quartz uplifts the mental and emotional bodies, and gently moves repressed anger and grief to the surface so it can be healed. Lithium Quartz Crystal can also heal emotional issues from past lives.

- Enhances deep meditation
- Releases one from tension
- Activates any of the chakras and particularly the heart chakra and third eye chakra
- Awakens Higher Self

Lithium Quartz brings harmony to relationships.
This stone is beneficial for anyone seeking more harmony in a relationship - whether it be a friend, spouse, lover or family member. Place a lithium quartz under the pillow of each person to enhance intimacy and passion.

Healing Properties
- Reduces panic or anxiety attacks
- Reduces stress
- Offers support for people using anti-depressants

ROBERT SIMMONS: Upon first touching or holding a Lithium Quartz crystal, one may feel gentle yet powerful energies moving through one’s body. The heart chakra will open, followed by a wave of pleasant euphoria. In the next moment, the third eye is stimulated and one may feel rhythmic pulsations of positive energy flowing into all the mind centers. These crystals are surprisingly strong, given the usually gentle energies of other Lithium minerals. Perhaps their inclusion in Brazilian Quartz crystals has amplified the vibrations. In any case, they can be used to safely activate any of the chakras.

They will enhance the depth of meditation as well as the quality of the inner visions received. The vibration of these stones is one of profound healing, emotional peace, release from tension, and awakening of the Higher Self. Surrender is one of the keys to self-liberation, and Lithium Quartz crystals seem to facilitate the state of energetic activation and emotional openness necessary for a profound release from the attachments that bind the self. This makes it an ideal meditation stone.

Also, wearing Lithium Quartz will bring the user into a more continuous state of connection to his or her own higher mind and heart. Healers will love working with these stones, especially the larger crystals. They will bring the client into an easy state of relaxation, without any sluggishness in the energy body.

Lithium Quartz crystals facilitate the release of negative attachments of all types and will reinforce the flow of positive energy in all areas. These crystals are also useful in body layouts. Their most natural connections are at the heart chakra, third eye, and the hands, but they will benefit all the energy centers. Some healers may want to attach quantities of these crystals to the underside of treatment tables. This will keep both the client’s and facilitator’s energy fields pure and free from negative energies and can also engender a wonderfully harmonious connection between them. Lithium Quartz crystals can benefit all those seeking harmony in their various relationships—from friends and family to spouses and lovers. In fact, one might experiment with a small crystal under each partner’s pillow, for enhancement of both intimacy and passion. Lithium Quartz in the bath can allow for a wonderfully peaceful and relaxing experience. ‘Planting’ these crystals in gardens or potted plants will provide positive stimulation of growth and an invitation for the participation of the devas and Nature spirits. These beings will be naturally attracted to the sweet and strong energies of the Lithium Quartz.

NAISHA AHSIAN Lithium-included Quartz is a heart-healing stone, which works by alleviating stress, calming frayed nerves, and allowing one to relax. This naturally opens one to approach the world from a more balanced heart space. This stone is excellent for children to use at the end of their day in order to become calm and centered before dreamtime. It assists adults with peaceful sleep, too. When the stress or worries of the day will not allow one to relax and sleep, Lithium Quartz can assist one in moving into a sweet, heart-centered and stress-free space.

In meditative practice, Lithium Quartz allows one to open and balance the heart while accessing higher states of consciousness. After utilizing the stone’s initial soothing energy to calm and center, one can then move one’s consciousness into the stone itself, to retrieve or receive the information within it. These stones can assist one in accessing alternate-life issues where those issues are directly related to current emotional lessons in this lifetime. Lithium Quartz is also useful in helping one release attachment to a desired outcome. There is a saying that “God’s greatest gift is an unanswered prayer.” Sometimes, that which we truly desire and believe to be our highest good does not manifest. At these times, opening oneself to the will of the Divine by surrendering control and effort is the only path to ensure personal balance. Surrender does not mean giving up—it means giving over. Often, once one is able to release control to the Divine, an outcome will manifest that is even better than the one previously envisioned. This process of surrender and allowing lends one emotional peace and well-being and is often the wisest path.

SPIRITUAL Lithium-included Quartz facilitates meditation by calming the mind and opening the heart. It encourages one to be present and to release distracting thoughts. It assists one in releasing attachment to a specific outcome and in surrendering to the Divine.

EMOTIONAL Lithium Quartz allows calming, peaceful, loving energies to fill the emotional body. Its energies are like Lepidolite’s, and it can facilitate release of worry, stress and anxiety.

PHYSICAL Lithium Quartz is particularly effective in working vibrationally to reduce the intensity and frequency of panic and anxiety attacks. It can help reduce stress and relieve stress-related imbalances in the body. It is an important stone to support those who use antidepressants and other pharmaceuticals for mental wellness.

Precious and Semi-precious gemstones have been used since recorded history and probably before, for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Healers all over the world are using them. Please note Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to compliment and enhance it. It is not to be used as a prescription, diagnosis or treatment. The information given is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Crystal Healing is not an independent therapy, but one that is part of a holistic healing approach. By using this site and associated materials, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use or misuse of this information.

Made with love, light, and positive energy, cleansed before I ship out to you.

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