Indigo Gabbro Pendant - Mystic Merlinite Pendant Sterling Silver - Indigo Gabbro Jewelry - Mystic Merlinite stone jewelry indigo gabbro 145
  • Indigo Gabbro Pendant - Mystic Merlinite Pendant Sterling Silver - Indigo Gabbro Jewelry - Mystic Merlinite stone jewelry indigo gabbro 145
Indigo Gabbro Pendant - Mystic Merlinite Pendant Sterling Silver - Indigo Gabbro Jewelry - Mystic Merlinite stone jewelry indigo gabbro 145 - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
Indigo Gabbro Pendant - Mystic Merlinite Pendant Sterling Silver - Indigo Gabbro Jewelry - Mystic Merlinite stone jewelry - indigo gabbro

The pendant in the photo is the one that you will be purchasing. Genuine sterling silver and Indigo Gabbro

Size ~1.3"

KEY WORDS Magic, intuition, connection with elemental energies, past-life recall, psychic openings, mediumship

Merlinite, also known as Indigo Gabbro and mystical merlinite, is a combination of quartz and psilomelane found only in New Mexico, USA. It is named for its metaphyical qualities. Merlinite is a storm element stone that connects with all the elements.

Is very grounding, helping you to focus and overcome distractions. It is a magical, intuitive and spiritual stone. An Indigo Gabbro is one of the most beneficial stones for meditation and connecting to the spiritual realm. It is often the preferred stone among healers and psychics because the merlinite meaning is unifying the spiritual world with life on earth.

Merlinite is used to:
- awaken an understanding of your spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities (expanding knowledge and insight). It is believed that using a merlinite stone attracts teachers, visitors or other clear messages into your dreams and meditations, making it an excellent stone for intuitive learning and connecting with higher consciousness.
- Open the doors to communication with the deceased
- Develop past life recall - Indigo gabbro metaphysical properties are also said to help with past life regression. That is why it is a popular stone among psychics, shamans, and Reiki healers. It is believed to connect you with your past lives in dreams or deep meditations. This stone brings foreword the past experiences that are most relevant to your needs for healing and growth.
- Learn magic
- Use in shamanic work, magic rituals and healing
- Achieve balance between light and dark Healers use Merlinite to invoke the storm element in moving energy fields.

ROBERT SIMMONS Merlinite can part the veils between the visible and invisible worlds, opening the doors to deeper intuitive abilities. One of the foremost of these is spirit communication. Meditation with Merlinite can assist one in contacting souls of the deceased who wish to give messages to the living. At first, one's own loved ones are most likely to come, but as the ability is developed, one may be visited by the departed relatives and friends of others who hope to use one as a means to reach them. If one is comfortable making such connections, great service is possible.

Merlinite is an aid to learning all types of magic. It opens the psychic channels for intuitive understanding and also attracts teachers from other planes to assist in one's 'studies' during the dream state and in meditation. It helps one grasp the interrelations between astrology, tarot, numerology and other 'occult sciences. It facilitates the practice of scrying, in which one gazes into a mirror, polished stone or other reflective surface in order to view probable futures. It attracts frequent synchronicities, which demonstrate the absolute coordination through which reality functions simultaneously on all levels. It opens one's energy field to its innate capacity to serve as a channel for manifestation-the birthing into the physical world of the creative forces of the higher planes. Merlinite, itself a stone of the Storm element, connects one to all the other elemental forces-Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Storm-allowing one to call upon them for aid in one's pursuits and ambitions. Through this connection, one can learn to influence outer elemental processes, perhaps beginning with vaporizing clouds, but potentially moving towards dancing with the weather in other ways, even becoming a 'rainmaker.' One is cautioned not to go on a 'power trip' in these areas. Such abilities are only a step on the path and must be transcended as one moves higher. Merlinite can be a potent catalyst for past-life recall. It evokes the realm of dreams and imagination and makes the recollections of past incarnations much more vivid than they might otherwise be. It activates the 'inner radar' that makes certain that one's past-life experiences are the ones most relevant to one's current needs for healing and inner growth. True to its name, however, Merlinite has an affinity for past lives in the Arthurian times and will quickly guide one to any one might have had in that realm. Merlinite harmonizes with Moldavite, which raises its vibration. It also connects with Obsidian for work in magic and scrying. Amethyst and Sugilite can provide an extra element of purification and psychic protection when one works with Merlinite.

NAISHA AHSIAN Merlinite is a stone of magic, shadows and descent into the darkest, deepest places within one's being. It takes the heart-centered energy of Manganese to its deepest level, descending into the depths of the heart and the darkest places of shadow within oneself. It reveals one's deepest motivations and assists in connecting with and integrating the shadow self. It aids in recognizing one's most basic nature as a creation of the mind of the Divine, leading one into the void of potential from which all was created. It is a powerful ally for shamanic work, magical practices and healing. Resonance with Merlinite's frequency connects one with the Universal flow behind all of creation. It can help one become more aware of the subtle movement of energy, as well as opening one's psychic centers and higher perception. It is extremely useful for those who tend to receive negative imagery, feelings or information when opening on a psychic level. If the information is necessary in order to assist another, it will protect one from embodying these difficult energies and can aid one in remaining objective. If the information is not necessary, but is coming in because of one's own state of resonance with these levels, Merlinite can help one move beyond these frequencies into more Light-centered energies. Merlinite can help Light workers understand how to utilize lower-frequency energy effectively. You can't have a rainbow with just the color purple. Similarly, you cannot deny your lower aspects and expect to integrate them into the Light. By learning to access, utilize and master the lower frequencies of the electromagnetic (Light) spectrum, one becomes whole and enlightened, embodying the balance of all polarities with wisdom and acceptance. In this way, Merlinite is truly a stone of self-mastery. Merlinite is a stone of wisdom, allowing one to understand that the greatest beauty of life lies in its mystery. Merlinite can aid one in developing patience and comprehending that one's desires do not necessarily equate to one's needs. Merlinite can assist one in achieving balance between the light and the dark-between the known and the unknown.

SPIRITUAL Merlinite's energy is uniquely suited for work with natural energies and so is an excellent tool for shamans, Wiccans and others on the path of accessing the power of creation through the natural world. It can help communicate with the archetypal energies of nature, such as plant devas, animal spirits and the elemental allies. It can aid in honing one's ability to perceive beyond the physical realm and into the spiritual and energetic realms. Its energy gives one the courage to face one's shadow self and consciously integrate that aspect.

EMOTIONAL Shame, blame and self-loathing are all caused by the inability to accept all aspects of oneself. Merlinite's energy allows one to see that there are no mistakes-only learning experiences. It can help one reconcile with the past, one's mistakes, one's less-than-enlightened desires and other aspects of oneself that one may wish to deny. It encourages self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and self-love. It can also assist one in working through grief and loss, as it reminds one that spirit is eternal and lasts beyond the physical.

Precious and Semi-precious gemstones have been used since recorded history and probably before, for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Healers all over the world are using them. It is not to be used as a prescription, diagnosis or treatment. The information given is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Crystal Healing is not an independent therapy, but one that is part of a holistic healing approach. By using this site and associated materials, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use or misuse of this information.

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