Hawk's Eye - Blue Tigers Eye (tumbled gemstone) - New Moon Beginnings - 1
  • Hawk's Eye - Blue Tigers Eye (tumbled gemstone) - New Moon Beginnings - 1
  • Hawk's Eye - Blue Tigers Eye (tumbled gemstone) - New Moon Beginnings - 2
  • Hawk's Eye - Blue Tigers Eye (tumbled gemstone) - New Moon Beginnings - 3
  • Hawk's Eye - Blue Tigers Eye (tumbled gemstone) - New Moon Beginnings - 4
  • Hawk's Eye - Blue Tigers Eye (tumbled gemstone) - New Moon Beginnings - 5
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Blue Tigers Eye Crystal - Hawk Eye tumbled gemstone - healing crystal - Tiger Eye tumbled - chakra - healing crystal gemstone - hawks eye

Blue Tiger's Eye (Hawk's Eye) tumbled gemstone

Listing is for (1) tumbled gemstone. Sizing is between 1 - 1.5". These are STOCK PHOTOS. Because they are natural stones, will vary in size and characteristics. (the photos have images of all the stones, if there is one in particular you like please let me know)

Metaphysical Property: 

Blue Tiger Eye (also called Hawk’s Eye, Tiger's Eye, Tigereye) is a very soothing stone as it aids in reducing stress, increasing calm and easing anxiety. Shimmery Blue Tiger Eye can illuminate issues that may have been difficult to see otherwise. Blue Tiger Eye helps to open, clear and align the mid to higher range chakras, which will assist in speaking with clarity and acting from a place of integrity.

Blue Tiger Eye works extremely well with the Throat and Third Eye chakras, providing insight into internal conflicts and emotional or mental issues. Blue Tiger Eye brings a "go with the flow" attitude, aiding in relief from fears, phobias and hot tempers. Use Blue Tiger Eye to balance the male/female, Yin/Yang energies. Use Blue Tiger Eye to increase all forms of psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance, astral travel and remote viewing. Like all Tiger Eye, Blue Tiger Eye can be used in prosperity rituals around a candle, or in manifestation grids.

If you are nervous about giving a presentation or speaking in public, wear this a piece Blue Tiger Eye to help relax your Throat Chakra, clear any blockages, and form a strong connection with the Third-Eye Chakra, allowing for easier access to the intuition. Because of its association with the Hawk, Blue Tiger Eye is especially helpful to ease one’s fear of flying. It enables one to expand their horizons, often leading to better opportunities.

Physically, Blue Tiger Eye encourages emotional balance, aids in fatigue and depression, cools an overactive sex drive, and heals on a metabolic level. It can also alleviate eye problems that deal with the inability to focus.

Precious and Semi-precious gemstones have been used since recorded history and probably before, for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Healers all over the world are using them. Please note Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to compliment and enhance it. It is not to be used as a prescription, diagnosis or treatment. The information given is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Crystal Healing is not an independent therapy, but one that is part of a holistic healing approach. By using this site and associated materials, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use or misuse of this information.

Made with love, light, and positive energy, cleansed before I ship out to you.

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